Do you have a strategy?...

... is one of the fundamental questions we ask in our strategy & global trends 2009 online survey.

With this survey we want to get a better understanding on how you as vendor strategist have set or shaped the corporate framework of your software, hardware, services, or telecommunications company -- for today, and for the next 3-5 years. Is your strategy more centered around your company and products or around your customers and what is your internal approach to strategy -- top down or bottom up?

In addition, we ask how shorter- and longer-term trends across economic cycle dynamics, globalization patterns, technology adoption, and corporate responsibility is affecting your business.

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"Please follow this link to participate:http://snipurl/jzjje"There is a typo in the url. You should include a TLD designator. It appears that you really wanted -

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Paul,Thanks much for your comment.I have already updated the link.Best,Daniel