CX Certification

There is a proven connection between high-quality CX and revenue growth. Executing a CX program that will truly impact revenue requires executive buy-in, a honed vision and road map and, most importantly, a team of people dedicated to the mission. All team members must be steeped in the core skills required to carry out a CX program. These skills are hard to find in outside talent and difficult to master internally.

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CX Certification is a training program designed to build the CX proficiency to drive business growth and give employees the professional recognition needed to stand out in a burgeoning field. We’ve designed a path that enables CX practitioners to learn and certify core skills and build upon that knowledge with advanced certification opportunities.

Enjoy A Dynamic Certification Experience

  • Gain the core skills needed to initiate and orchestrate end-to-end CX improvement projects.
  • Demonstrate your competency through hands-on activities that enable you to produce deliverables you can put into practice.
  • Access concise, snackable content on demand in a digital learning platform.
  • Engage with fellow practitioners and champions in our social learning platform to share challenges and exchange ideas.
  • Access a CX toolkit with templates useful for practical application after the course.
  • Receive a signed certificate and badge that can be shared with social networks upon completion of the CX Foundations course.

Build CX Skills And Competencies

We’ve designed two CX Certification paths: One for CX practitioners and one for non-CX practitioners. The certification path for CX practitioners allows for breadth and selective depth across CX. We offer our Foundations course (CX-I) to non-CX practitioners who may be part of cross-functional groups working on CX initiatives.

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Learn The Foundations Of CX

Crafting A CX Vision

Identify the elements of a brand-rooted CX vision that is authentic, inspiring, and mobilizing.

Building A Customer-Centric Culture

Explore the essential steps to culture change and how to sustain momentum over a long transformation.

Conducting CX Research

Discover how the right research methods and planning help drive customer centricity, and how to get the insights you need to succeed.

Journey Mapping Like A Pro

Unlock the seven steps to successful journey mapping to increase ROI and fuel transformation.

Measuring CX

Learn how to establish or improve your CX measurement program to truly measure CX quality from the outside in.

Storytelling The CX Business Case

Build powerful business cases for your CX initiatives through the art of storytelling and the science of ROI modeling.

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