A Fond Farewell to John Lovett

About a year ago, I took over the management of what has become Forrester's Customer Intelligence (CI) team. In doing so, I've had the pleasure of working with Senior Analyst John Lovett, who joined the team after our acquisition of Jupiter Research last year. Regretfully, I must tell you that John has decided that it's time for a change of pace.

I know I can speak for the rest of the CI team by saying that we will miss John's camaraderie and his stellar contributions to the CI research agenda. To know John is to understand his passion and enthusiasm for the Web analytics space—a topic that John covered as an analyst for the past decade. So what’s next for John? Starting after the Thanksgiving holiday, John will be applying his knowledge and enthusiasm for Web analytics in the field. I sincerely hope that our paths will cross again in some capacity in the future.

So the next logical question you are all thinking is...who's the next Forrester analyst covering Web analytics? While we have some tremendously talented analysts like Suresh Vittal, Julie Katz, and Dave Frankland covering all things related to Customer Intelligence, we are starting a search for a Senior Analyst to join the team. The ideal candidate has deep experience in Web analytics, multivariate testing, Web site behavioral targeting, and site optimization. They also must bring forward thinking ideas on how these technologies can improve enterprisewide Customer Intelligence for firms of all sizes and industry flavor.

You can view the full job posting online for more details. If you are interested, please contact me directly at cdoty@forrester.com.

Please join me in wishing John the very best in the next chapter of his career!


re: A Fond Farewell to John Lovett

We look forward to seeing the resumes! Remember, you have very big shoes to fill - personally and professionally!

re: A Fond Farewell to John Lovett

Carl, thanks for the kind words.Working at Forrester has been one of the most rewarding and intellectually stimulating challenges in my career. I feel fortunate to have been a part of helping to build out the Customer Intelligence team and have confidence that you and my former teammates will continue to provide invaluable insight for Forrester clients.For me, it's off to new challenges in the awesome field of Analytics and Optimization. I plan to take an even more active role in Web analytics advocacy and evangelism. So stay tuned for news on that to follow.For now and while I finish out my time here at Forrester, I will carry with me valuable experiences that only a world class research organization like Forrester could provide.Thanks to you and all my talented colleagues for a truly remarkable experience.Cheers,John Lovett

re: A Fond Farewell to John Lovett

Good luck John and welcome to the Forrester Alumni Club! I speak for the Unica Team, we thank you for your analysis and advice as both a Forrester and Jupiter analyst. Good luck in the next chapter...