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Business and tech buyers are reasonably curious but terribly distracted: Content consumption behaviors follow suit. Customers want to engage with you, but on their terms. They expect content that is relevant, compelling, and valuable, and they expect to self-serve that content across all the channels and formats they prefer.

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Beyond the lead: How content marketing builds lasting relationships

April Henderson, VP, Market Impact Consulting, and Laura Ramos, VP, Principal Analyst share what they’ve learned from years of creating and executing high-impact B2B content programs.

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B2B content that works (for you and your customer)

Cheryl Sullivan, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Revionics, speaks with April Henderson, VP, Market Impact Consulting about what it takes to shift to a customer-centric content approach.

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Guy Kirkwood, Chief Evangelist, UiPath speaks with Varun Sedov, Director of Content Marketing Consulting about what it takes to shift to a customer-centric content approach.

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Increase demand and generate leads

Digital marketing is the new normal. B2B buyers don’t want sales to be their primary source of research. Fifty-three percent of buyers find going online superior to interacting with a salesperson.

Powerful content is a necessity for any B2B marketing strategy. Forrester’s content marketing offerings help marketers increase demand and generate leads.

Actual outcomes from Forrester content programs:

  • 200% increase in pipeline
  • 12% increase in lead conversion
  • 269 media outlet reposts

The ROI of Thought Leadership (1:44)

Showcase business value

Business value metrics are critical at each stage of the buyer journey. Decisions to investigate a new solution often start with an economic motivation.

Business and tech buyers tell us that above all else, they need a business case that:

  • Is customizable to their organization
  • Includes an estimate ROI
  • Was prepared by an independent third party

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) practice develops business value justification content programs that showcase the ROI of your solution, for use at every stage of your customer’s journey.

Nearly 70% of technology decision-makers seek a business case when making a B2B technology purchase.

Position my company as a thought leader

B2B organizations must position themselves as thought leaders to compete. Successful thought leadership engages buyers in a value-based exchange of ideas and information while positioning your company as a trusted resource. Central to powerful and compelling thought leadership is data. Content backed by data is twice as credible than content not backed by data.

Forrester’s Market Impact practice develops custom thought leadership assets, tools, and programs that enable B2B organizations to position themselves as thought leaders in their market and engage their prospects with compelling and visionary stories throughout the customer journey.

Michael Londgren, VP Marketing, Docusign explains how he partnered with Forrester to create compelling marketing content. (1:15)

Learn content marketing best practices

Powerful content is a necessity for any B2B marketing strategy, yet marketers are missing the mark. Sixty percent of B2B tech buyers say that vendors give them too much material, and 54% say that much of that material is useless.

Content marketing success requires mastering two interconnected content disciplines:

Content creation

Buyer-centric ideas that compel and provide value to customers

Content dissemination

Engaging buyers with content through all the channels and formats they use

Forrester’s perspective and solutions

Business and tech buyers come to Forrester for help with making critical business, technology, and investment decisions. And Forrester’s B2B marketing experts understand what it takes to compete with content. Our analyst insight, data-driven storytelling, flexible asset creation, and buyer credibility can supercharge your content strategy and results.

B2B marketers can maximize the value and impact of content by developing rich, data-backed story lines and frameworks that are compelling enough to be reused and brought to life across channels and formats and deep enough to fuel serialized and personalized assets that will serve customers over 12–18 months.

Learn more about Forrester’s custom content offerings. Create rich, credible content that engages in every channel and stage of the buyer journey.

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