Strategies For Interactive Marketing In A Recession

[Posted by Christine Spivey Overby]

Whenever the economy takes a down turn, marketers will inevitably ask the question, "How would a recession impact my budget?" This worry is especially true for more experimental forms of marketing, such as certain forms of interactive marketing and social media.

At Forrester in recent weeks, we on the Interactive Marketing team have asked this question too -- of our analysts and a handful of interactive marketers. The results of this analysis -- and our tips for how interactive marketers can protect their budgets and survive (even thrive) in a downturn -- are in a new piece "Strategies For Interactive Marketing In A Recession."

Check it out, and, as always, we'd love to hear your comments on how your "recession-proofing" your interactive budgets.



re: Strategies For Interactive Marketing In A Recession

Very true the fact that markets and marketing has its ups and downs. I sure have had my fair share of them, but there are def ways of reducing your downs simply but improving your ups.Might i shamelessly promote a product that has had an large impact on my marketing?

re: Strategies For Interactive Marketing In A Recession

I found many interesting tips on marketing in this article and will try to use a few in my next marketing online program.......thanks for the useful information