Goodbye Andrew. We Miss You.

Andrew Parker

Today we found out our great friend and colleague Andrew Parker passed away. It’s difficult to relay such personal news in a public forum, but so many of you know him and worked with him, that we felt it was important to share this news with you.

Many CIOs, sourcing professionals, vendor strategists and analyst relations executives have told me over the years that Andrew was the key IT services and sourcing analyst to know in EMEA. They valued him because they found in Andrew someone who could challenge their existing ideas and engage them in creating new ideas.

Andrew was a wonderful analyst – always willing to aim for the stars with a controversial or ambitious idea. And he knew how to support those ideas with great insights, deep knowledge of clients’ situations, and a broad perspective on the world. Andrew won many internal Forrester awards for his reports and was justifiably proud of his analysis. He had a genuine love for analyst work and was always excited about his research. Below are some of his personal favorites:

He was also a wonderfully stubborn supporter of his direct reports and his teammates. If Andrew believed in you, you couldn’t ask for a more valiant champion. Yet that championship came with a price – Andrew always told you the truth about your research and yourself… even if you would have preferred he just agreed with you that the report was brilliant and that you were completely in the right about the issue!

Of course, the fact that he was talented in his work is only part of the story. He had people whom he loved and who loved him. He was a good man. He was sharp-witted, funny, sarcastic, and kindhearted. All of the personality he brought to his work, he brought tenfold to his personal life. Andrew was a joy to be around.

People have asked me about important memories I have of him, and actually, I am having a hard time remembering any one event. What I remember is that we always laughed together and that I always felt better after talking to him. In fact, my first irrational reaction to the news of his death was “I need to call Andrew and talk about this.” But I’ll never talk to him again.

If you would like to share your own memories or thoughts of Andrew, please comment. I will make sure his loved ones get a copy of your posts.



Thank you Andrew for all your contributions over the years. Forrester has lost one of the pillars of our research community.

Andrew Parker

Andrew, you were always for me a tremendous supporter, mentor and friend. I could talk to you about virtually any idea! You will be greatly missed, and forever remembered with affection and great appreciation.


A class gentleman in every sense of the word. He will be missed.

Thanks Andrew

Thanks for all your support, direction, and encouragement. As someone who was responsible for starting Forrester's research in EU, his advice to me in a similar position in Asia Pacific was hugely valuable, and there is little I do in my role in Forrester that is not somehow linked to his wisdom and guidance. I will also remember him for the dignity, humility, and self respect he showed. He is a good man and will be missed.

I will miss you!

Arrivederci caro Andrew. I will always remember you as a true gentleman with a great sense of humor, natural class and a real passion for Chianti Riserva and Supertuscanian wines. My prayers and thoughts are with you and with your beloved girlfriend Tatiana. We will all miss you.

Missing Andrew Parker

I will miss the challenging views, the insights but also the personal care always put forward and the kindness. As a client, sparing partner and guide, Andrew was a high standard human being.

Thank you Andrew

Goodbye Andrew. With tears in my eyes I read about your departure, and recall the numerous times you have been there for us, either with your professional imput, valuable advise or just a nice chat. Incredibly sharp, eloquent, funny and always ready to go that extra mile, even when your health was not allowing you to. You were greatly respected by us all, and will be greatly missed. The Amsterdam office will never be the same again.

Goodbye Andrew

It has been a pleasure to have Andrew as a colleague for almost eleven years. His true interest in people, great sense of humor, Britishness (even after living in Amsterdam for almost 12 years!), and of course his mentoring of all of us in research will be missed. My thoughts are with his beloved ones.

Goodbye Andrew

Andrew was the reason I started working with analysts for the consulting firms I have work with (PwC, IBM, Deloitte and Ernst & Young) back at the time Forrester opened its Amsterdam office and he is certainly the most interesting, supportive and professional of all the analysts I have met over the years. I formed my analyst relationship style very much based through my early meetings and conversations with him: Understand the person, understand the subject matter, understand the research process and respect the analyst by being as detailed and content rich with your interactions with them as you would expect them to be with you and your clients and lastly but most importantly always be generous with your time, be honest and be yourself.
I will miss and I am sure Forrester will miss his towering presence

Bon voyage


I have the fondest memories

I have the fondest memories of working with Andrew. His knowledge was unsurpassed while remaining always professional, yet patient. He was class with a capital C. However, I will remember his wit and humor the most - and with the smile he left behind. Thank you for passing through my life Andrew. My sincerest best to his family during this time.

Merci pour tout

Thank you for the work ethics you played by, Andrew. And also, for that sail trip of the early 2000's, between Nieuwpoort Belgium and IJselmeer, NL. I remember the watch at night, and the rising sun, offshore of Rotterdam. It was such a unique experience in my life.

A very sad loss

Very sorry to hear this extremely sad news. Andrew was very much respected and liked at IDC, and he will be missed by us and by colleagues across the industry.

Adieu Andrew...

At many occasions I had the opportunity to work with you and it had always been with a great pleasure! You were so professional and had always this sense of "british" humour that we and your clients liked so much...We'll miss you. My thoughts are with your family and your beloved.

Will be missed

The HP EMEA AR team is very saddened to hear this news. We will miss a respected industry colleague whose knowledge and insights were highly valued by senior management at our services organisations. I personally will miss an open, friendly and sincere analyst colleague who was never too busy to spend time discussing and explaining the finer details of the Wave process and ready to take on board feedback and inputs. It was a real pleasure to work with Andrew. We send our condolences to his family and colleagues.

He'll be greatly missed

Andrew was a true colleague, despite the fact that we never actually worked for the same company. A light has most definitely gone out...

We'll miss you, old friend.

Au revoir Andrew. I will

Au revoir Andrew. I will always remember you as a positive man, enjoying life as much as possible.
Our short conversations in the kitchen corner, talking about our respective ski trips, will remain in my memory for ever.
May you now rest in peace. in peace

from a professional perspective - a valued partner
from a personal perspective - can you judge a book by its cover? In Andrew's case, YES..

Andrew Parker

We, at Unisys, valued our relationship with Andrew. He was an incredibly insightful man and we all had great respect for his work and his word. Our condolences to his family and his coworkers.

Brenda Celeste

Missing Andrew already

I couldn’t write anything at first because I was just too mad at the damned affliction, but now I’m merely broken hearted, thinking of Andrew, and sending thoughts and prayers to Tatiana and the rest of his family. In addition to being a terrific boss and colleague, he was—more importantly to me—a stand-up guy with a dry-gin sense of humor. I’ll never forget Andrew’s guided “tour” of British food at a fine restaurant in London after a Forrester gig (and I ate the suet anyway). He didn’t deserve what came his way at the end, but he lived and loved the way we all should. The vision of his strength and grace will stay with me forever.

What words to use ...

Andrew, I can't express my feelings but you were always able to read my mind. I will truely miss your extrem professionalism, your honsety, your extensive knowledge and your great English humor. The thrilling discussions over numerous beers in various Amsterdam pubs will always be present.

Good bye, my friend.

Andrew will be greatly missed

Condolences to Andrew's family from the Wipro team. Andrew was one of the brightest and most respected analysts at Forrester and it has always been a pleasure interacting with him. He will be sorely missed.

We´ll miss you

I´m shattered to hear this… I worked in Andrew´s team for 2 years and he was not only an incredible mentor and extremely smart analyst and manager. He was also, above all, a kind and honest friend on whom you could always count. I´ll miss knowing that you are around, but won´t never forget those days we worked together in London and Amsterdam. My condolences to his family and beloved ones.

Hasta siempre,

Au revoir Andrew, from a few more people

Here is to a man who was clearly loved and esteemed by many... In response to the announcement of his passing, here are a few more messages that have come to me from clients of Forrester:

- Henk Van Gestel, Atos Origin - I will remember Andrew as a professional who was very supportive to the Forrester clients. We will all miss him.

- Daniel Matkovits, Deloitte - I am so saddened to hear this news. Andrew was a friend. He spanned my whole time in Analyst Relations at Deloitte. He was without a doubt one of the most decent people in the business.

- Caroline Dennington, Symantec - On behalf of the AR Team and all at Symantec, I would like to express my deepest sympathies. A very sad loss indeed as Andrew was a lovely man.

Thank you

Andrew, for four years we worked on the same floor in the same corner of the pod. I will keep memories about that time forever: your impeccable introductions at phone briefings; your sharp analysis and eloquence; your testing of new phones and business card scanners that made quite some noise; your recommended wines; your love for Tatiana (although you didn't say that directly, it was always very clear);...
Thank you for being a wonderful manager, coach and person. I will miss you.


In the short time I knew Andrew, he was the first to welcome me to the sourcing team, never failed to congratulate me on a success , and was always generous with his time and knowledge. His kindness and support showed me a level of integrity to aspire to. He will be missed!

He was a good man!

I ran across this blog post and was deeply saddened. Having worked with Andrew for many years at Forrester, I got to see what a great person he was. He was a smart, no-nonsense analyst.

Please pass along my deepest condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues at Forrester.

R.I.P. Andrew

Rest in Peace Andrew, You

Rest in Peace Andrew,

You were a man of great integrity and, as others have rightly observed, had a very good sense of humour and were a trusted partner to so many of our clients. I was very inspired by the way that you handled the bad news originally and how continually determined you were to have the same attitude towards life and to maintain your admirable professional and personal qualities in the face of that struggle. We have lost a good and very decent man.


In our hearts -- Chapeau!

Andrew, you always put everyone before you and went above and beyond in your personal and professional endeavors. In your final days, your note to a number of us at Forrester where you said:

"In Holland there is an expression of 'chapeau' to people who do things beyond expectations -- or in English, "I take my hat off to you.' "

And you wanted to take your hat off to us. Well, right back at ya!! From all of us to you -- Chapeau to an outstanding individual.

Love Julie

Farewell to a mentor and friend

The best tribute I have for Andrew is the mantra that I use at Forrester: What would Andrew do?

As my sponsor from the first nerve-wracking presentation so the many docs he miraculously crafted into fine gems, I coulldn't have asked for a better mentor and champion.

When I joined Forrester's 'European IT services group, our weekly teams meetings always started 20 minutes behind schedule as we collectively tried to fix the VC link betwen London, Paris and Amsterdam...secretly I think Andrew, Caroline, Sonoko, Onica, Richard and I all enjoyed the delay as it gave us time to talk and laugh and get to know one another. Andrew inspired deep affection from all of us and I suspect his warmth, kindness and dignity will be felt long after his passing. I have lost a mentor and more importantly a friend. I will continue to use the mantra--it will stand the test of time and its the best tribute I have for him. He will be greatly missed. My thoughts are with you Tatiana.

Thank you Andrew

Dear Andrew, He always had such a positive outlook to life - I’m sure he wouldn’t approve of us being sad.....however difficult this may be. Many will remember his professionalism and dedication at work – to the major contribution he made to Forrester over the years. I will be always grateful that our paths crossed. I remember in particular his friendship, his wonderful sense of humour, his delight in repartee and those super-Tuscans!
To Tatiana and his family, our thoughts are with you at this time. Robert & Pauline

Farewell Andrew

Andrew has been my Research Director from 2004 to 2007. I can’t say how much I ought Andrew for his help, advice and mentoring. It has been a pleasure working with him for all theses years – always professional and friendly. We published a lot together. We were still in touch since I run my own company in Paris. We had plans to have a dinner in Paris as soon he would come here … and it will never happen.

My thoughts go to Tatiana who I met several times at IT Forums.


One of a kind

We have lost a wonderful, witty, forever giving person. Andrew was one of the few people I could turn to for personal and professional advice. He had a way of shedding clarity to complex situations and framing things such that after speaking to him I usually went "oh yeah, that makes sense, didn't see it that way". And he knew his literature -- I was pleasantly surprised at and thoroughly enjoyed his encyclopedic knowledge of the works of Chinua Achebe, his knowledge put mine to shame. I will miss you Andrew. Rest in Peace. To his wife Tatiana, my deepest condolence.
Much love, Hellen

A True Gentle Man

We have lost a great friend and a true gentle man. I worked with Andrew over the last 10 years, mostly by telephone. He was always ready to make time for my questions, he was patient and he even answered the phone once when he was out sick, and he still wanted to help me. He was always most gracious and caring. I will miss working with you Andrew, you were one of the analysts who makes this job more than a job, you made it a relationship. Rest in peace, thanks for the fine memories, you were a fine face of Forrester, and I send my deepeest condolences to Tatiana and family members and all your Forrester friends. Susan

Thank you Andrew

I’ve had the honor and pleasure of spending almost five years in the same team in our Amsterdam office with Andrew.

I will always remember his phone introductions: ‘as you can probably hear from my accent, I’m not Dutch’ and being a real gentleman. As a true scientist he had the ability to explain complex material in a clear way – a quality not many scientists have.

When I planned my holiday to Italy, Andrew advised me to go to a brilliant place called Ravello, where – as Andrew promised – you would have the best view over the Amalfi coast. And of course he was right and next time I’ll be there I will drink a good glass of wine and think of the good times we had here in Amsterdam.

Andrew published his last document on May 10th, which shows his character for the job.

Thank you for your energy, sharp thinking and authority here in Europe; you will be missed.

Andrew Parker

Andrew was one of the first analysts I interacted with when I first arrived at Forrester. What a wonderful, intelligent, articulate, thoughtful, funny, kind and generous person. I will miss him dearly.

These were sad news:( I had

These were sad news:(
I had the pleasure working with Andrew at Forrester for a few years. He was a brilliant analyst and a great colleague!

My thoughts are with you

So sorry to hear the very sad news.

A good friend

We met Andrew sailing and he became a great friend through overnight passages, long bank holiday weekends and dramatic racing on board Heatwave. He was always such good company, amusing and kind.

He gave a speech at our wedding - witty and generous - and, without our knowledge had had lengthy conversations with Sarah's mother finding out lots of details about Sarah's past - and to provide her mother with a picture of Heatwave for the wedding sampler she sewed for us. They greeted each other like long lost friends on the day of our wedding although they had nevermet before. That was so typical of Andrew.

We knew him too as an incredibly intelligent man - clearly demonstrated through his widely recognised work at Forrester. He was interested in everything, showing a wide ranging curiousity about so many things in life.

We didn't see enough of him once he moved to Amsterdam. That is sad for us. We are so happy that he found such a wonderful loving partner in Tatiana, who matched his intelligence and enthusiasm and provided such a great support to him.

We'll miss you Andrew.
With love
Sarah and Alistair