Have You Changed Your Budget/Planning Cycle? We Want To Know

Many organizations have seen large swings over the past two years in IT spending on technology, business spending on technology, and the way that IT and business interact to best manage business technology. Have you seen changes in your budgeting and planning cycles? Does the business expect more (or less) from IT today, as compared to two years ago? How well aligned is your IT organization to goals? We’ve seen these changes in many of the organizations we’ve been speaking with.  But what about your organization? Please let us know what’s going on in your organization by taking this short survey on budgeting, planning, and alignment. If you’re a member of our CIO panel, you received an invitation to participate in this survey, and we’re hoping that you’ll let us know what’s going on in your organization.  If you’re not currently a member of the panel, you can join our panel by clicking here. Thanks. We’ll publish the results in March or April.



IT Budget process

It is inevitable that the IT budget process has to change within any organization as the move towards virtualization and cloud computing may have resulted in a sudden CAPEX increase that may eventually result in lower OPEX in the coming years. The availability of technologies/solutions that can provide Chargeback (or at least showback) will result in a change in the IT Budget process. Some interesting articles on IT Budget and IT spending can be found at,


We want to know what YOU are doing

Andy Norman (above) appears to be plugging this company's services on a number of blogs (there are similar replies to this on many blogs out there). Please take our survey - we're looking to see how far the pendulum has swung in relation to the swing in the economy at YOUR organization is TODAY. Thanks.