It's Official: HP's CEO Fired, Meg Whitman To Step In

Well, it is official folks. CNN reports that Leo Apotheker is fired and replaced by Meg Whitman. The never ending saga of the HP CEO revolving door. 

My post this morning ...

Today the rumor mill is churning with chatters that the current CEO Leo Apotheker will resign after the bell. The new person tipped to step in is the former eBay CEO, tech heavyweight Meg Whitman.  

HP desperately needs an inspiring leader; Meg may just be the person to fill that role. In recent years, HP has been taking on confusing identities - is HP a consumer hardware company, or is HP a IT services company like IBM, or is HP an enterprise software company? HP cannot be all things to all people, it must decide which course of action to take to boost their shareholder value and prevent their 30,000 employees from defecting to Google, Facebook, and the tech newcomers. HP was once that tech newcomer that everyone aspired to work for. Is Meg the person to bring back the old glory? What do you think? 

Stay tuned for more updates!