Apple AppStore - Top Apps

Thomas Husson

eApple recently released its top downloaded applications on the AppStore since launch in July 08. No mention of the split here between apps downloaded on the iPhone and on the iPod touch.

Top 10 Free Downloads (Overall). My comments in italic

1-Pandora Radio (music, 2 million iPhone subs who spend 90 minutes listening on average)
2-Facebook (social networking)
3-Tap Tap Revenge (game)
4-Shazam (music)
5-Labyrinth Lite Edition (game)
6-Remote (entertaining app)
7-Google Earth (only launched 2 months ago!)
8-Lightsaber Unleashed (cool and fun app, close to a game for Dark Vador fans...)
9-AIM (highlights the strength of AOL Instant Messaging in the US vs Europe)

My first take:

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Ask, Julie About Wireless

Julie Ask

One of my few New Years' Resolutions: Blog on the wireless industry. My mentor here gave me the advice to blog early and blog often. I'll start with a short one announcing my areas of interest:

- Wireless: the technology, content, business models, consumer adoption …
- Wireless access technologies: cellular, Wi-Fi, etc. …
- Wireless content: mobile games, sports, ringtones, …
- Mobile advertising and marketing: on the phone and online
- Telematics

More than one witty person has suggested that my name is perfect for an analyst. I'd like to clarify upfront that my name is not an English verb - it's Norwegian for "ash" -

More to come.