Revive Your Oracle Database Consolidation Program

Sudhanshu Bhandari

Oracle launched the new Oracle Database 12c in July of this year. This release is intended to address the needs of infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals for faster infrastructure provisioning and higher consolidation densities to lower overall support costs. In the past, Oracle Database consolidation initiatives were hindered by product limitations in areas like data isolation, privileges, resource allocation, and naming conventions. However, with Oracle Database 12c, enterprises can consolidate databases more efficiently, without the need to worry about data isolation or application code changes.

Based on Oracle’s published pricing sheet, we estimate that existing Oracle Database customers can potentially save up to $27,500 per year on Oracle support fees and free up licenses worth an additional $125,000 by consolidating four Oracle databases (for a single processor license). We did not include Oracle’s Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) or any discount in this calculation.

The potential cost savings are clearly compelling to many I&O professionals across Asia Pacific. However, before deciding whether Oracle Database 12c is right for your organization, consider some key recommendations:

  • Take another look at your database consolidation opportunities. Do this before purchasing new Oracle Database licenses or renewing the annual support contract with Oracle. The best place to start is by consolidating databases hosted on the same server. Consolidate these databases before buying a new Oracle Database license, as there are additional license and annual support fees associated with enabling the multitenancy feature within 12c. Your annual support fees will keep increasing if you do not act.
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