Forresterites share what’s unique about their work.

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Forrester sales executives are energized by working with executives and helping them grow their business in the age of the customer. (00:35)


One of the best and most satisfying parts of the analyst role at Forrester is creating ideas that didn’t exist before. (00:46)


Consultants at Forrester have the unique opportunity to challenge our clients’ thinking and help lead change at their organization by leveraging all of Forrester’s assets. (01:38)

Customer Success

The Customer Success roles are advocates for our clients, driving engagement and loyalty. (00:46)


Our Data team, comprising scientists, storytellers, and visual experts, collaborates with analysts and consultants to deliver unmatched guidance to our clients.


The Events team brings to life one of the most immersive Forrester experiences — our Forums.

Sales Operations

The Sales Operations team maximizes the efficiency of the sales organization by aligning resources and opportunities, and leveraging data to provide insights that lead to improved performance.

Sales Training

The Sales Training team partners with global sales leaders in the design and delivery of training content that is relevant to each sales role and ensures development and mastery of skills and competencies that drive success.


Forrester’s Leadership Boards create peer connections while our Executive Programs offer executive-level coaching. (00:48)


Forrester is a culture where everyone’s voice is heard and respected. (00:17)