Forrester Life

Passion. Integrity. Respect. Those are just some of the words employees use to describe our culture. We have a sense of humor and a sense of humanity.

“Why have I stayed at Forrester for 15 years? The company has a soul. This is a culture of intellectual curiosity, passion, integrity, and respect. I am surrounded by colleagues who inspire me every day with their intelligence, quality of work, and commitment to do the right thing.”

Always teaching, always learning

Forresterites reflect on our culture of coaching and take inspiration from the fact that there's always someone to learn from. (2:21)

“In-depth interview and training process, hugely positive work environment, impressive coaching. I was drawn to Forrester by its reputation for having an amazing culture; I’ve worked here for less than a year and have not been disappointed.”

Fit FORR Life

Forresterites benefit from Fit FORR Life, our global wellness program. (1:23)

Forrester Cares

Through our Forrester Cares program, employees are encouraged and committed to give back to their local communities. (1:37)


Many offices have a FORR Fun committee that organizes social activities and outings unique to their location. (1:23)

“Forrester’s values are in line with mine — Integrity being at the top. I am fortunate to have taken on a leadership role, to have grown a sales team, and to have had success year-over-year. The culture is one of collaboration, and determination to succeed. What keeps me at Forrester are the people. I feel fortunate to work with such smart, ambitious, and dedicated people.”