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CIOs and tech leaders sit at the center of the most exciting and consequential moment for companies: the need to replicate the abilities and agility of digital natives that are able to enter and win in new markets based on the sheer power of digital; and to harness the potential of emerging technologies that promise to overhaul how work gets done and how companies compete.

You can change the competitive footing of your firm and convert idle, over-hyped terms like AI and blockchain to real operational capabilities. And do both while driving continuous value to the business and protecting the company in a world riddled with threats — cyber or otherwise.

Forrester guides CIOs and tech leaders on how best to transform the underlying governance, technology, people, and processes required to drive growth in an unforgiving market.

Insights for CIOs & IT Professionals


Tech Alignment, Innovative Solutions, And Continuous Leadership Are Critical For CIOs Managing Through The COVID-19 Crisis

IT leaders planning their firms' return to work need guidance on navigating through the phases of the pandemic. Forrester's latest CIO research can help.
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How DBS Has Optimized Its Operating Model, Governance, And People Enablement To Ensure Success Of Its Enterprise Data Platform

Learn how DBS' platform-as-a-service approach helped scale data and machine learning initiatives across the bank.
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The Rise Of Employee Power And Data In The Future Of Work

Discover how the tsunami of employee data and the rise of employee power will impact your organization and how you can prepare.

Systemic Risk And Robotics In The Future Of Work

Discover how systemic risk and robotics will transform the future of work — and what tools are available to address these trends.

The CIO In 2020: A Window Of Opportunity Webinar

Learn how to transform your organization with a customer-first mindset while your competitors play wait-and-see this year.

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