Another Dude @ CES

I'll be joining Pete at the convention and various festivities. I've got my keen eye on the design and product development side of things. So, if you're in to new product development, design research, product design, wearable computing, green design, or other related topics, let me know so we can talk shop. I'll also be at the Bloghaus and the Blogger party so you can track me down there.

Also, I'll be doing some cross posting over at my personal blog,

You can reach me at bhaven [at] forrester [dot] com.


re: Another Dude @ CES

I wasn't able to attend this year, how was the blogger parties?

re: Another Dude @ CES

That reminds me I really have to attend a blogging party soon to meet and network with some other bloggers. Is CES a good place to do this?-Dave

re: Another Dude @ CES

Jeremiah--They were pretty good. The gig at the Atomic Test Museum was fun and had a good turn out. PodTech's blogger Suite at the Bellagio was great, and they had a fun party after the event at the museum. Overall, good people and good times.Dave--Overall I would say yes, there were a ton of blogger there. If you go, I'd make sure to connect with a group like PodTech that is hosting a party and blogging space to really get the most out of it. You can meet people in the press room, but that place is a mess and there's tons of journalists from obscure publications.But, plenty of people overall.