Marketing Mondays: December 17th, 2012


Hello Fellow B2B Marketers, welcome to the first entry of Marketing Mondays, a weekly blog post highlighting our ongoing research focused on B2B revenue acceleration, as well as an exclusive look into what outputs you can expect in the coming weeks. Kick off your week here every Monday to get a burst of support for your professional success.

The last days of December are busy ones for us here at Forrester. We are not only producing about a dozen reports before the new year and hosting a number of webinars, we are also planning a burst of fresh content to help you thrive in the new year. Our B2B Marketing Tactics and Benchmarks survey, which is recently back from the field, will act as the foundation for much of our first quarter 2013 content. Lori Wizdo provides a general introduction to the findings in her webinar 2013 B2B Marketing Mix Planning Guidance, and over the next couple weeks check back for Peter O'Neill’s analysis of content marketing in the report “B2B Marketers Prefer To Create Their Own Content And Mostly For Lead Nurturing” and Zachary Reiss-Davis’ report on Event Marketing Swag.

Graphic of the Week:  A Results Chain Approach Pinpoints The Key Actions That Drive L2RM Outcomes

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Planning Guidance For Your 2013 Budget

Forrester's 2013 planning guidance is an essential element to your annual process of establishing your plan, defending your plan, and ultimately winning with your plan.

On November 20 at 11:00 a.m. EST Forrester analyst Lori Wizdo will share some compelling insights from our Q3 2012 B2B Marketing Tactics and Benchmarks Online Survey.  Please plan to register for this one-time presentation and discussion of key insights from some top-performing organizations that you can use to inform your own plan. And then after the webinar, please plan to continue the conversation in our community.

Sales Conversation Webinar With Scott Santucci Moved To November 14! Thanks Sandy!




Regardless of a salesperson's conversational skills, buyers have to care about what those salespeople have to say.

So how likely is it that an executive is going to agree to meet with someone who is geared up to talk about his or her product or service?  

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Why Did Forrester's 2012 B2B Groundswell Award Winners Win?

Now that the confetti has been swept off the floor of our eBusiness Forum in Chicago, its time to offer a behind the scenes look at who won our 2012 B2B Groundswell Awards and why.  Mark you calendar and register today for our upcoming Webinar on November 8th in which the judges will dish on the companies and social strategies that knocked their socks off.  Who knows, you might get an inside track on winning next year, or better yet, knocking out a winning social strategy of your own.  Register here to save your space on this one time reveal on the best of the best in B2B social.

Join the Conversation on Valuable Sales Conversations

Regardless of a salesperson's conversational skills, buyers have to care about what those salespeople have to say.

So how likely is it that an executive is going to agree to meet with someone who is geared up to talk about her product or service?  

Its even less likely that the executive will invest the time then to see demos, evaluate your value, and compare you to competitors.  Why would they?  They’ve got people doing that for them.

If you’d like to know more about this problem - Scott Santucci is going to host a Forrester Webinar on Tuesday, October 30  at 11:00 am Eastern:

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How Are You Going To Cross-Sell Your Way To Achieving Your CEO's Goals?

As we turn to September it's time to think about your plan to meet the CEOs goals in 2013.  

You and your executive management have probably already articulated that your growth strategy is predicated on "deepening relationships in existing accounts while expanding in new markets."
The math looks compelling — if your typical salesperson could just sell 10% more of the portfolio to their current accounts, organic growth would be off the charts.
Unfortunately, your situation is just like every other B2B business with a broad portfolio of capabilities and a blue-chip roster of clients — cross-selling is a lot harder to execute than most CEOs think.

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What Is The State Of Play Between Buyers And Sellers In 2012?

The world of buyers and sellers has changed — vendor CEOs enter 2012 with growth strategies that favor deeper relationships with customers and that push sales to do more cross-selling at higher levels. In this new world, however, buyers are telling us there is a gap. Of the executive buyers Forrester surveyed, a mere 13% believe that a typical salesperson can demonstrate an understanding of their business issues and articulate how to solve them. Enter the VP of "broken things": the leader who is helping shape an emerging discipline into a strategic function: sales enablement. 

During a webinar this coming Wednesday February 15th, I will share Forrester's latest insight into: 

  • What is the state of the gap today between what buyers expect and what sales is communicating?
  • What successful frameworks and approaches are sales enablement leaders using in 2012?
  • How can you engage with Forrester and your peers to advance your company's sales enablement practices and elevate your own role?

Webinar attendees will also receive an exclusive discount off an event ticket to Forrester's Technology Sales Enablement Forum 2012 in San Francisco!

I hope you will join. Thanks, Brad

Join Me And Your Fellow Sales Enablement HEROes In San Francisco!

We are putting together our final plans and the Sales Enablement Forum for 2012 is shaping up nicely. Here is a brief video update on the theme and our speakers and why I believe this is a can't miss opportunity for you and your team.

I hope to see you in March. Thanks, Brad

Join Me And Your Fellow Sales Enablement HEROes In San Francisco!

The plans for the Sales Enablement Forum are in full swing, so here is a quick video update on the theme, the speakers, and why I believe this is a can't miss opportunity to put you and your team on a fast track to delivering measurable results for your CEO.  


I hope to see you in March. Thanks, Brad

Calling All Sales Enablement Leaders, Wherever You Are: SE Forum 2012

I have the privilege of talking with many of our clients and, surprising as it may sound, many don't have titles that match their real jobs!  Who does these days? Maybe the CFO. So, as we gear up for our second annual Sales Enablement Forum, I want to make sure we don't miss inviting any of our Tech Marketing friends who do a little enablement on the side, or a lot of it as their full-time focus, title or not...

We chose the lead image for this year's Sales Enablement event to grab your attention because we believe you can truly be a HERO to your CEO. But it won't be an everyday task – it will take new skills and strong powers!

Vendor CEOs today want deeper relationships with customers to become their trusted suppliers. And that puts pressure on sales teams – and those who enable them – to cross-sell at higher levels. Is that working?

Our Buyer Insight study found that 13% of executive buyers believe that a salesperson can clearly show they understand their business issues and articulate a way to solve them. When we ask vendor CEOs, "Are you satisfied that your sales force is getting your company to its strategic objectives?" the answer is a resounding "No."

This is the strategy to execution gap that takes up a lot of sales and marketing energy today. It is also filled with well-intentioned but often uncoordinated activity intended to help sales sell.

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