Sales Enablement Professionals: We Need Your Vote!

With only a few days left before we close the vote, I'd like to encourage everyone to participate in our current Client Choice poll.  This month's question is, "Which characteristic of a buyer is most important for having a great sales conversation?"  We want to know, in your experience, which aspect of the buyer do you want to understand best heading into a sales conversation? We want your input, and we will write a piece of research based on your responses.

Voters are fairly evenly split right now, between a buyer's industry, maturity, or role, so make your voice heard before the poll closes on Friday. Then be sure to check back with us to see the resulting research we write based on your votes.

Some of our recent Client Choice research includes Gaining Executive-Level Access, which describes how to sales can reach more senior execs within targeted accounts. 

Vote today!


decision facilitation

just a comment to add 2 cents about the buying decision journey. sales has been focused on needs assessment and solution placement which has caused untold loss of closed sales and paltry closing rates. but now, with technology taking over so much of the seller's process, sellers are not meeting quota.

i'd like to throw my hat into the ring to begin a conversation about the buying decision journey, which i've been writing books/articles/blogs about for decades. indeed, once the seller adds a decision facilitation portion to their sales model, they can increase sales by a very large percent.

i'm talking 'managing change' here - not sales. because until or unless buying decision teams buy in to a new solution, they will not buy regardless of the need or efficacy of the solution. and sales does not handle this private portion of the buyer's decision.

re: Sales Enablement Professionals: We Need Your Vote!

I'm getting an error when I click to vote?

re: Sales Enablement Professionals: We Need Your Vote!

“Colleen, The Client Choice polls are set up only for readers in the Sales Enablement role. If you change your role to Technology Sales Enablement, those links should take you to an active poll.”