BI Megavendors Continue To Round Out Their BI Portfolios - IBM Acquires Coremetrics

IBM announced its intentions to acquire Coremetrics, a leading Web analytics vendor, as BI megavendors continue to round out their BI portfolios (the other leading vendor in the space, Omniture, was recently picked up by Adobe). Good move, IBM. Web analytics can't really continue to exist in a silo. In order to get truly complete 360-degree view of customers, prospects and products, one needs to combine Web analytics data with ERP, CRM, HR, Financials and other transactional and analytical data sets. Currently, there are no off-the-shelf solutions that do that - it's pretty much the realm of customized offerings and systems integration. If IBM can indeed plug Web analytics into its data integration, data warehouse and BI products and solutions, it'd be quite a differentiated offering. Other large BI vendors, like Microsoft, Oracle and SAP will probably pick up one of the remaining Web analytics vendors Nedstat, Unica and Webtrends sometime soon.


IBM & Coremetrics

Boris has hit the nail on the head here. The consolidation of web analytics and mainstream BI is inevitable. We have seen this movie before. Once upon a time the financial niche players in the BI space (remember Arbor?) created special purpose applications and sold them directly to users until IT decided that it was time to bring them into the fold. The big IT vendors took their cue and bought them all up. The difference this time is that the vendors are being proactive and snapping up the leaders even before the market demanded it.