Which Pureplay BI Dominos Will Fall Next And Who'll Be The First To Push Them

by Boris Evelson.

Since Oracle really never competed toe to toe with IBM on applications and BI, the Hyperion acquisition is of a smaller significance for IBM than to other BI vendors. Watch for Oracle to acquire BEA, TIBCO or Informatica to leapfrog IBM in the EAI or middleware space.

It would be logical for IBM or SAP to pick up Cognos (not Business Objects, since it is still going through multiple product integration challenges) as the logical next large BI acquisition. SAP will probably make the first move, and once that happens, the IBM will look at Microstrategy or Information Builders as an alternative BI acquisition.

HP also clearly wants to be a BI player: they recently acquired a top boutique BI Systems Integrator, Knightsbridge, developed an integrated Data Warehousing platform – Neoview, and its NonStop database is used in some of the largest DW implementations. We would not be surprised if the next large BI acquisition comes from HP.

An orthogonal move could come from EMC or Sun, who have been Information Management players for years, with BI being a natural addition/extension. Notably absent from the rumors is Teradata, which in our opinion has to diversify into more layers of the BI “stack” beyond data warehousing to keep its competitive position.


re: Which Pureplay BI Dominos Will Fall Next And Who'll Be The

I only just came across the Forrester blog. It has some enjoyable reading. There was a lot of talk of BI acquisitions after the Oracle buy and IBM are in accelerated acquisition mode, but they have just launched software offerings partnered with Business Objects (Balanced Warehouse), Cognos and Microstrategy. Each co branded product results in sales of IBM software, hardware and services. Do they need to buy a BI vendor is the partner approach giving them a lot more revenue?

re: Which Pureplay BI Dominos Will Fall Next And Who'll Be The

Vincent, excellent question. We’ve been asking IBM exactly that. IBM treats BI as an “application” (whether I agree or disagree with them, that’s another question) and claim that they are not in the application business. Therefore I suspect continued BI partnership strategy and, possibly, more smaller acquisition of BI “tools” (not apps) vendors.