Oracle/Hyperion Integration Challanges

by Boris Evelson.

It is unclear whether Oracle will integrate, keep separate, or drop one of the clearly redundant products: multidimensional databases, Oracle Express (currently part of Oracle BI Server) and Essbase. However, if and when Oracle creates the same seamless integration they always had between its Express and relational databases with Essbase, it will truly become an awesome analytical database product hard to beat.

However, contrary to Oracle/Hyperion rosy statements of little if any product overlap, Oracle will face obvious and significant integration and product positioning challenges with multitude of overlapping and redundant products: Essbase vs. Express, Hyperion data integration and reporting tools (formerly Brio) vs. Oracle’s (including recently acquired Sunopsis), Hyperion Sales and Marketing Analytics vs. Siebel’s, plus some others.


re: Oracle/Hyperion Integration Challanges

Oracle has some big decisions to make in the next 24 months. The BI overlap/ mixed message is going to overwelm the customer base. The Hyperion OLAP engine is the only global OLAP engine being used by Global 2000 for Financial consolidation. I think over the next 3 years Oracle will have to start to phase out the second tier tools & product sets. Oracle is still missing a real ETL (informatica is available:) the OWB or Hyperion tools are ok inside their products but are not best in class tools.Overall the Oracle toolset still has major issues on front end reporting. The useability of all the products Oracle.The OBIEE (Oracle BI Enterprise Edition)product will have major issues vs. the Hyperion toolsets (the old Brio tools use AJAX, user driven reporting etc..)