How Central Should E&SR Be To Your Product Strategy? Ask Your Customers

Sally-Cohen [posted by Sally M. Cohen]

Last week, we published an important new report about Environmentally & Socially Responsible (E&SR) product strategy, which introduced a framework for parsing different approaches to E&SR consumer products. The Centricity Model Of E&SR Consumer Product Strategy identifies four levels of product strategy, based on how central a role E&SR plays. The approaches range from Level 1, the most explicit -- a flagship "green" product -- to a very implicit Level 4 approach in which consumers may not even recognize a product's socially responsible features.


We see examples of companies approaching E&SR consumer product strategy at each level of the Centricity Model in the market today. What's more, we see companies simultaneously operating at multiple levels by launching flagship products that loudly tout E&SR features while quietly making all products in their portfolios more environmentally responsible.

The model invites self-reflection -- How central is E&SR to my consumer product strategy today? And, more importantly, self-evaluation -- How central should E&SR be to my products tomorrow and beyond?

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