Integration Capability — How Can You Get It?

Of course you can build it from scratch or by combining best-of-breed components, but that will not be the most cost effective approach for enterprises that need flexible and productive (from the perspective of the developer) integration tools.

The better options are:

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The GXS - Inovis Merger: The Big Get Bigger

KEN_VOLLMER (300dpi)The recent announcement by GXS and Inovis of their intent to merge will not result in a significant realignment of the B2B service provider space, but it will make the largest provider evener bigger when the current largest provider (GXS) combines with the fourth largest provider (Inovis).

What will each vendor gain from the merger? For GXS, the initial answer is new customers. Even factoring in existing customer overlap, GXS stands to gain an additional 10,000 or more new customers. Beyond that, GXS will now be able to provide its customers with access to the extensive retail expertise that Inovis obtained via its acquisition of QRS several years ago. In particular, the Inovis Catalogue has been instrumental in helping many organizations with their retail data synchronization needs. GXS also gains the expertise of Inovis’ experienced and proven development team.

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The Old Dogs Have Learned Some New Tricks

KEN_VOLLMER (300dpi) Many will be surprised by the enhancements that B2B Service Providers (the ones we used to call Van’s) have added to their service portfolios.  Five years ago, a lot of folks thought that the days of the providers of EDI document exchange services were numbered and that they would fade away into the sunset.  But guess what – it didn’t happen. 

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