The "If Onlies" Of App Dev

Img_0101 Do you, as an application development professional, often find yourself starting your sentences with the phrase “if only”? I hear this phrase an awful lot from Forrester clients.

The Situation

Imagine that you didn’t have a driver’s license and you had to travel to another city for work within a day. The conversation you had with your manager might go something like this: Mclovindrivers_4

You: I can’t drive. I don’t know how, and I don’t have a license.
Your Manager: Maybe you should take the train.

Imagine if instead the conversation went like this:

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Which Vendors Have Made A Difference In App Dev?

Img_0101Recently I’ve been thinking about the vendors that I cover and wondering which has really had the most impact on app dev -- for better or for worse.

Forget which vendor's tool has the best bells and whistles. Which vendor has really made the most difference? Which vendor has delivered products or services that have really improved project outcomes? Or resulted in worse project outcomes? Not just a single project outcome, but hundreds or even thousands of project outcomes.

I'm not asking which vendor's cool technology has improved productivity by 10% on proje cts where it was applied. I'm looking for far more broad-reaching impact than that. I’m after the vendors that have changed the way development works. This post is about who those vendors are -- my ideas, and a request for yours.

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