A new data player

An old Ad.com colleague of mine, Mike Peralta, recently joined a newly launched start-up called Magnetic, which you can read more about here. In short, the company provides DSPs and their kind with search behavior data to use in display retargeting campaigns. I told Mike, I find it odd that this is the first time I'm hearing of a provider who does this. Especially since Yahoo! based their entire behavioral targeting business on this principle years ago. But here we are, with another way to retarget valuable customers, and I think its a really good one for a few reasons (not just because Yahoo already did it, which isnt always a good reason.)
- It will get more display marketers thinking about the interplay between display and search.
- Unlike offline data, search data is easy to update in real time or near real time.
- There is a lot of it, so a lot of people can play and experiment to find what works.
So while I have publicly cautioned against the "more is more" pile-on effect we are seeing in the data space right now, I do think search data has a justified place at the table.

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It's time to evaluate your use of customer data

The online space is moving swiftly toward audience targeting, where demographic, behavioral and contextual data are aggregated to create a better picture of a target audience. While the offline world has already established relatively structured data trading processes, online marketing is just beginning to really trade in this valuable currency. In fact, one of the companies I moderated a panel for, eXelate, is about to announce a partnership with Nielsen, which would make Nielsen's panel data available for purchase and use on display targeting campaigns.
While it is true, as Emily Steele notes in the Wall Street Journal, that Congress and consumer advocacy groups are concerned about so much data being aggregated for online marketing use - which could cause improper use of consumer data for targeting purposes - it is also true that both marketers and consumers can benefit from this use if it's done right. Using consumer behavior data is not new, but what is new is how easy it is to aggregate data and get a clearer picture of what a customer wants. For interactive marketers, this presents both opportunities (giving customers better deals on things they like to buy) and risks (targeting with data that should remain private.)
Navigating this terrain can be difficult for marketers who want to create a good customer experience but don't want to cross the line into murky territory. To help determine how to maximize your use of customer data, join us for our panel. We will have some of the leading players in the data space on a panel at the Marketing Forum on April 22 to discuss how data plays a role in the interactive media buying process. To learn more click here.

Want to join the IM analyst team?

Our team has been growing fast! We just hired two great new researchers and are currently interviewing candidates for analyst positions as well. We are looking for someone who has experience measuring campaign performance across digital channels and who can look at how emerging technologies will fit into a cross channel strategy. We are looking for someone with 5-10 years experience. We are open to hiring this person in NYC, Cambridge or Foster City, CA. If you or someone you know is interested in working at Forrester, please submit your resume here: http://forrester.myvurv.com/main/careerportal/Job_Profile.cfm?szOrderID=...

A new Rung on the Social Technographics Ladder

We are bringing the Social Technographics ladder into 2010 with a new rung called "Conversationalists" to represent the very active communication style that has arisen recently within social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

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Forrester is Hiring an Interactive Marketing Analyst

Happy New Year! It's hard to believe we're already halfway done with January. If you made a New Year's resolution to find a new gig, then you are in luck - we are hiring a Senior Analyst for our NYC office.

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Will the DSP Kill Ad Networks?

Some of you may know that I started my career in interactive marketing at Advertising.com, now part of AOL Media. I have a soft spot for the "good kind" of ad networks, those who keep the advertiser and publisher interests in mind, who strive for good quality advertisements and content, and who have killer optimization and targeting technology. I have always looked at ad networks as a key technology driven service who fills important needs for both the buy and sell side.

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Get Ready for Holiday Social Engagement Now

 Riley, Emily    If you have holiday marketing plans that include a social media campaign, you're not alone. Between viral videos for new products, Facebook communities for fans, and tweets for midnight sales and other deals, every product marketer out there has something planned. What this means is that you've got a lot of competition and a lot of clutter to shout over. So how can you rise above the pack?

Start early! You should already be listening to what consumers say they want for Christmas. See what the buzz is on budget/economy conversations as well as product or brand specific ones. This way, when you do start talking, you'll be saying the right things and answering the right questions. You should also already have looked at last years' search patterns and started bidding on the appropriate keywords for this season. Don't forget to send some of that traffic to your social media as well as your own home page.

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The Interactive Attribution Wave is Live

Riley, EmilyAfter talking about the topic of attribution for several years now, I'm very excited to be publishing a Wave that highlights the key companies in the interactive attribution space. The companies are: Atlas, ClearS, Coremetrics, Theorem, Trueffect, Visual IQ and x+1. You may not have heard of some of these companies, and many of these companies don't even consider themselves competitors. Two signs that we are really at the leading edge of this topic, and have a lot of room to grow. That said, we found some robust solutions out there that are doing a lot to advance marketers' abilities to more accurately measure and buy online media.

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Has Technology "Stacked" the Decks Against Marketers?

Riley, Emily I read the recent press release from Havas that they selected RFP and campaign management tool Traffiq to be implemented across their major US media buying offices. The timing for this news is pretty cool. I'm planning some major research around these kinds of technologies next month.

Many of you have read from my and Nate Elliott's reports and blog posts that the interactive marketers we recently surveyed don't rate their measurement capabilities very well. In many cases, we recommend some combination of human and technological expertise in order to get better at things like measurement. So often though, marketers are totally overwhelmed by the "stack" of different technologies they need to master in order to be fully functional. I'm planning to survey interactive marketers about the trouble with the stack, and plan to ask about the following:

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Join us for a free webinar

(by Emily Riley)

I've been working a lot recently on what measurement means to the Interactive Marketer. In the midst of my Wave on attribution and as a result of a few surveys we've done recently, I've got a lot of amazing information swirling around me - insights on what works today and what will be possible tomorrow. I put some of that information into a presentation I'm giving tomorrow, and it's free to sign up. If you are interested in hearing more about what current and future measurent looks like, please join me on Thursday the 17th (as in tomorrow!) at 11 am EST (4pm GMT) for a Live Webinar ‘Measure ROI and Justify your Marketing Budget’.

Click here to register: http://www.forrester.com/Marketing/Campaign2/1,6538,2506,00.html