Social Technographics Data Now Available


[Posted by Jeremiah Owyang]

Forrester is proud to share select social technographics data in tandem with upcoming book Groundswell by analysts Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li.  Many of us have already read the book, and it supports our thinking, methdology, and recommendations we provide to clients.

We're pleased to share Social Technographics with you, but before you dive in, please follow the following steps:

  • First: Understand what Technographics is, start with this eight slide presentation.
  • Next: Take a look at the Profile Tool we've provided on the Groundswell site.
  • Finally: You can start to develop a strategy after understanding what tools your market is adopting.

Josh Bernoff gives more detail about the tool, from his blog.

Getting Up Close and Personal

[Posted by Jeremiah Owyang]

I often advise my clients to keep blogs human, conversational, and in context for customers --it's the opposite of what marketing has been in the past.

Yet team blogs are a unique beast, it's a great way to show a lot of different types of ideas from different analysts, but at the same time, it's difficult to hear or see individual personalities. 

A reader recently mentioned to me that it was hard to tell who was publishing specific posts on our blog, so we're getting nice and friendly on each of our posts by showing our picture, and also spelling out who the author was, and a link to our related research.

Profile pics and links are great and all, but we're not done trying to write a great blog.  In the near future, we're going to find out more about what you want from this blog (as researchers, we love to get feedback) so we can continue to improve, so stay tuned for that.

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A Groundswell at SXSW: How The Audience Revolted Against the Speakers

[Posted by Jeremiah Owyang]

For the second year, I experienced the SXSW Interactive Festival, an event attended by thousands who have love for media, the web, and gadgets.

SXSW is a bubble of the tech elite assembling, in many ways it’s a glimpse into the future, exposed on a Petri dish today.

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Forrester Report: Online Community Best Practices for the Interactive Marketer

[Posted by Jeremiah Owyang]

Left: One of the 5 diagrams from the report: Successful online communities experience the following stages.

This is my debut, my first report published with my name as the lead is now published.  I've been getting a few emails from clients asking me for when this report will be live, so I'm happy to report this first of two reports is now live.

I spent a few months researching and preparing for this two-piece report series. I interviewed over 17 people to find out the commonalities between successful communities.

Here's the executive summary :

Online Community Best Practices

Communities Are A Powerful Tool, As Long As You Put Members' Needs First

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Analysis of our Superbowl Ad rating experiment using Twitter

[Posted by Jeremiah Owyang]

Josh Bernoff and I conducted an interesting experiment.  We encouraged the twitter community (social media, marketing, advertising mavens) to join in on providing real-time ratings about ads during the superbowl.  You can read how we invited the community to participate.

Twitter is a next-generation chat room with social network features, individuals can quickly publish from a computer or cell phone, and their network can quickly see, share and respond.  It's really pushes content quickly and sometimes, news breaks there before it does elsewhere. 

I asked the participants to to 'reply' to a twitter account I created (called "superbowlads") and to say the name of the commercial, and give a rating of up to 5 stars, and to include some qualitative feedback.

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Case Study: How Sony Leveraged A Popular "Vampire" Facebook Widget To Reach It's Community

Vampires Application was rebranded by Sony Pictures "30 Days Night" movie for successful Widget campaign

[Posted by Jeremiah Owyang]

A Widget Case Study

Yesterday, I gave a Forrester teleconference on Facebook as a ready-made marketing program.  I gave a few examples of success, and the audience was hungry for success metrics and numbers.  One of the case examples was about rebranding an application/widget in this case, Rock You's vampire application. 

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Video: Guy Kawasaki on Social Media and Marketing in 2008

Do you know what Widgets, Applications, and Canvas Pages are?

Thinking of deploying a widget in Facebook or other online community? First, you'll need to know the three different types that can be deployed. Rodney Rumford shares with us the difference between widgets, applications, and canvas pages. 

What should Interactive Marketers do before deploying widgets? He shares his strategic viewpoint that aligns very well with the Forrester POST methodology.  Find out how widgets can be used for interactive social games resulting in an engaging communities around a brand.

I was speaking at a conference regarding web communities, and while in the audience, I listened very carefully to the speakers, some of which I follow up with for research interviews.  These videos are turning into a supplement that glean the highlights I learn from the research interviews. I'd love your feedback on these mini-interviews, are they helpful? 

[Posted by Jeremiah Owyang]

Video: What makes Cyworld? Communication, Collaboration, Self-Expression, and "Peeping"

Thanks for the feedback from the first video we published, all the three comments suggested we do more.

Lars Schwenk, General Manager of Cyworld Europe shared with me what it takes to be a community, we were at Forrester's Consumer forum in Barcelona.

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Video: MySpace’s Jay Stevens shares the value of Community