Postbank Tops Our German Bank Content & Functionality Benchmark 2011

eBusiness executives at financial firms often ask Forrester: "What can I improve about my website to sell more products online?"

The short answer to this question is: "You need to help customers on your websites achieve their goals". But what exactly does that mean in terms of content and functionality? To give a profound answer, we have analyzed how customers use financial services websites to research and buy financial products and what content and functionality they expect – based on our Consumer Technographics® surveys.

With this knowledge, we have created Forrester’s Website Functionality Benchmark methodology that tests how well financial services websites support the phases of the customers journey and help drive online sales.

In Germany, the Internet is an important distribution channel for financial products. Some 23% of German Net users researched and 9% have bought a financial product online in the past 12 months. 

To help eBusiness executives at German banks drive online sales, I have reviewed how well the websites of eight German retail banking brands help customers to research and apply for a giro account – and published the results in the report: "Benchmarking German Banks’ Sales Sites 2011".

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