Are you a client-side marketer or brand monitoring vendor?

If you're a client-side marketer or brand monitoring vendor, I need your help.  I'm kicking off new research and want to hear from you.

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TNS Media Intelligence acquires Cymfony

The news is out - TNS has acquired Cymfony.  The new operating unit will be called TNS Media Intelligence/Cymfony.

I'm not surprised - in my opinion, this was inevitable.  In the Forrester Brand Monitoring Wave,
published in September 2006, one of the clear conclusions was that
Cymfony would be a great fit with a large research firm like TNS. 

Did they sell too early?  From what I can see, mainstream attention
is just starting to turn towards brand monitoring services.  In my
conversations with vendors, everyone loves the fact that Nielsen
brought attention to the space - now TNS ratchets it up a notch - and
my Forrester wave helped validate the market as well.  But nobody wants
to sell too early - like selling the rights to the Nike logo for $35 - and thus the market has been dating around, but not making long-term commitments.

expect additional activity in the brand monitoring market.  Other conclusions from the Wave:

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Super Bust XLI

Outside of Indianapolis and Chicago (maybe Tennessee and Louisiana, too),
most of the U.S. will have forgotten who won Super Bowl XLI by Monday
evening.  Nationwide, most of the ads were forgotten by the time
viewers fell asleep Sunday night.

Last year, I focused on integrated marketing; here's my 2007 Super Bowl ad review.  In general:

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Why and where we blog

I stumbled across a new Forrester blog recently and thought you might be interested in hearing about where other Forrester analysts are blogging:

The marketing team also had a conversation about why we blog.  Our feed subscription and site traffic have grown at a pretty decent pace and I thought it was a good point for a status check.  Some of our reasons:

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So you want to be a CMO?

Back in October, I was a privileged fly on the wall of Forrester's CMO Leadership Board meeting in Chicago.  The guest speaker was Greg Welch
from Spencer Stuart, talking about what makes a good CMO.  Greg should
know - he handles some of the highest profile searches around.

Some things you may know already:  CMO tenure is way down
- almost 23 months, about half of CEO tenure.  These are $1mm jobs that
are really general manager roles that come with high stakes and
expectations.  New chief marketers need to build bridges and prove that
marketing delivers value, doesn't just spend money.  A key question:
does your marketing team look like your customer base?

CEOs are looking for a fit at the intersection of job (i.e.
responsibilities), organization (i.e. cultural elements), and personal
qualifications (i.e. competencies).  The top skills required for
success?  Leadership - influence and impact.  A track record of results
- no excuses.  General management and P&L experience.  Innovation

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Blog tag: Five things you didn't know about Peter Kim

There's a meme that has been circulating in blogs for the past couple of weeks called "five things you didn't know about me."  After posting an entry on my personal blog, I tagged five people with only moderate expectations that they would participate - and three already have (same day!):  Eric Kintz at HP and Charlene Li at Forrester, and Marianne Richmond of Resonance Partnership.

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Overloaded with Vanity URLs?

Do you get the feeling that vanity URLs are everywhere?  I'm seeing at least two or three a day, maybe more.  Not surprising - the number of registered domains in the world increased 27% between 2Q05 and 2Q06, according to Verisign, to over 105 million domain names in use.

But I have a problem with vanity URLs...I usually can't remember the addresses!  Vanity URLs are supposed to be clever and creatively relevant ways to drive site traffic - for people with good memories.

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Consumer Forum EMEA: Integrating Social Media

Hi - Brian Haven and I will be at the Consumer Forum EMEA, 20 - 21 November in London.  The theme of the event is "Integrating Social Media" which reflects a content focus on making things real.

If you can't make it over for the event, you can participate via our Integrating Social Media blog.  Our intent is to start the discussion before the event, enrich it during the Forum experience, and continue the debate afterwards.

If you are in town, drop me a line and let's meet up!

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Advertisers and Agencies - Getting Along?

As previously mentioned, I'm currently exploring advertiser - agency relationships.  It's an extension of my work into reinventing the marketing organization as one of the four keys to becoming more customer-centric:

  1. Redesign P&Ls and
  2. Shift culture away from marketing communications;
  3. Invest in a customer relationship infrastructure; and
  4. Rethink
    agency relationships.

We are conducting this research in conjunction with the AMA's Mplanet (29 Nov - 1 Dec) and results will be released at the event.  If you'd like to participate and get a full copy of the completed research, here's the survey link:

Also - please feel free to pass this link on to anyone you'd think is relevant and interested in this topic.


A blog's eye view from Digitas

Ripples2 David Armano, creative director at Digitas, is currently giving a round of internal presentations at the agency called "blog's eye view: looking at the social network from a blogger's perspective."  I attended his Boston presentation this morning and came away impressed.  You can find his entire presentation here.

Blogging is still foreign to many companies, but agencies have particular pressure to get ahead of the curve and help clients capture value from the medium.  Digitas has embraced Armano's work and he has great lessons to share from his personal experience over the past eight months - illustrated too!  For example, the graphic at upper left is his image of "influence ripples" which describes how media sources impact one another.

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