Free WOM webinar with Umbria - Nov 7

I'm delivering a free webinar
with Umbria CEO Janet Eden-Harris on word of mouth marketing and brand
monitoring.  It's scheduled for Wednesday November 7th at 3 pm Eastern.

We'll be talking about taking a left-brain approach to making WOM work.  More potential takeaways:

  • Learn not only what is being said, but who is doing the talking
  • Discover common characteristics of a target segment
  • Learn how to measure the effectiveness, momentum and engagement of your marketing
  • Take away practical tips for adjusting campaigns for the shifting marketing landscape

You can register with Umbria directly.

"I just don't get it." [i.e. Twitter]


When I talk about Twitter to corporate audiences, a very common reaction is "I just don't get it."  Hence, the post title.

If you want to learn more about microblogging check out this report (client access only).

Our data shows that 6% of US online adults use Twitter regularly.

If you want to reach an affluent, well educated, and early adopter
audience, there might not be a better communication channel out there.

BTW each line in this message is < 140 characters.

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Getting here is half the battle

Apparently getting to Chicago for the Forum has been quite difficult.  I heard that last night a plane from Seattle had a "firm" landing at ORD and went off the runway.

For another person coming from Boston, the flight ran out of seat belt extenders.  Apparently airlines only carry four on board.  So where did they go to get more?  A flight to Orlando - that typically carries 12.


Social Media at the Consumer Forum

Here's a quick overview on how you can stay connected to the Forrester Consumer Forum, which starts next week:

Blogging.  We welcome guest bloggers Chris Thilk and Julie Fleischer, along with Jeremiah Owyang and me.  You can always come to the site but why not have updates delivered to a screen near you?

Microblogging.  Follow Forrester on Twitter and we'll follow you too.

Social Networking.  We have an event page on Facebook and a small, forward-thinking community forming there.

Online video.  coBRANDiT will be on site shooting interviews - and they have a pretty cool site, too.

Did I miss anything?  Obviously these tools are quite worthless until we actually get the conversation started - looking forward to engaging with you next week, in person and/or online.


Questions for Richard Edelman?

Richard Edelman will be speaking about "Corporate Image In The Age Of Social Technologies" at Forrester's Consumer Forum.

I'm introducing him and moderating Q&A afterwards.

What questions do you want me to ask?  For anything asked, you'll most likely get a response via blog or twitter.

Keep in mind that I only have a couple of questions and then we'll
open it up to the audience to respond to the speech - but I'll do my
best to ask anything that comes in here and is relevant!


One month left until Forrester's Consumer Forum

ForrcfWe are officially one month away from Forrester's Consumer Forum
- it's going to be held in Chicago from October 10 - 12.  Here are some
of the things that I'm involved with during the event and others that
I'm looking forward to.

- Using Twitter, Facebook, and Forrester's Marketing Blog to communicate around the event.

- Facilitating the "Tools For Tomorrow's CMO" workshop with Lisa Bradner the day before the forum.

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Forrester's Web 2.0 Briefing Day - October 23rd

If you're a web 2.0 technology vendor who might be interested in an in-person briefing day at Forrester, read on...

Forrester cordially invites you to the Web 2.0 Briefing Day on October 23, 2007!

What is it?
A complimentary event that gives you the opportunity to brief leading Forrester analysts who focus on Web 2.0 trends and technologies.  The day will take place in Forrester's Cambridge office.

How does it work?

  • Meet Sheri McLeish, Vendor Relations Manager.
  • Engage with up to three analysts in 1-to-1 briefings.
  • Learn about Forrester’s perspective on the size of the Web 2.0 market with a presentation by analyst G. Oliver Young.

Which analysts will be there?

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Workshop: Social computing, August 8th, San Francisco

Hi - I'm a little late in putting up this note, but better late than never.  I'll be out in San Francisco next week for a workshop on social computing with Charlene Li.  Three great reasons to attend:

  1. A strong content plan (see the agenda).
  2. A diverse attendee list, representing seven different industries.  That makes for great discussion.
  3. Fantastic panelists to wrap up the day:  Anil Dash (SixApart), Mike Walsh (Leverage Software), Todd Parsons (BuzzLogic), and Jeremiah Owyang (PodTech)

I believe Forrester clients can use service units to register and everyone can contact events directly.

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Following Forrester's Consumer Forum 2007

Forrcf_banner1_3Forrester's Consumer Forum 2007 is coming up soon - October 11/12 in Chicago.  The focus is on social computing and we have a great speaker lineup with keynotes including Charlene Li, Josh Bernoff, Christie Hefner, and Henry Jenkins.

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For Forrester clients: Are you a rater?

RatingHello Forrester clients,

Have you ever noticed the option to rate documents?  Next time you're on, look for the "ratings and comments" box on the right hand side, next to the document body.  If you typically get PDF copies of documents, you can ask your seat holder to rate docs for you.

Why does this matter?  Ratings are one of the best ways to get feedback on our research quality.  We take the numbers pretty seriously - down the line, they figure into performance evaluations and compensation.  I pay attention to the numbers and the comments that go with them critical.  It's *extremely* helpful to know how to improve.  Sometimes not all improvements can be made, e.g. more specific performance results when a client doesn't want to release all of their data.

So next time you're on the site and reading our latest research - let us know what you think!



P.S. Non-clients can register for free temporary access!

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