Upcoming events for interactive marketers

[Posted by Peter Kim]

Just a short note to let you know about some of the "open enrollment" events I'll be participating in over the next quarter or so:

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The Connected Agency

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Mary Beth Kemp and I published a piece today that takes a hard look at the future of advertising agencies.  It's what used to be called, in Forrester parlance, a "Big Idea," i.e. concepts not necessarily in practice today, but best practices looking 5 to 10 years out and beyond.  (The first Big Idea I wrote was called Reinventing the Marketing Organization.)

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Engagement and Super Bowl XLII Ads

Pete_thumb[Posted by Peter Kim]

Now that 24 hours have passed since the Pats' super bust, it's actually a perfect time for this post.

Think back about the game.  Do you remember any of the ads - without any aided recall?  Did any of them really "engage" you?

For $3 million, I was curious about how engaging the ads would be.

Thinking about engagement, Forrester's definition states "Engagement is the level of involvement, interaction, intimacy, and influence an individual has with a brand over time."

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Are you going to be @CES?

Pete_thumb[Posted by Peter Kim]

Happy New Year!

As we get into 2008, my research agenda will focus on mobile marketing (among other topics).  To get up to speed quickly, I'll be at CES 2008 in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, I'm also a CES n00b because I've never had a good enough reason to attend.

If you're involved in the mobile marketing space and want to meet up, let me know.  Looking forward to meeting up with other bloggers at the Bloghaus and Blogger Party as well.

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Do you get it yet? [i.e. Twitter]

A couple of months ago, I published a report called Microblogging For Marketers.  I recently spoke with Jennifer Jones at Marketing Voices/PodTech about the research and our conversation is now available as a podcast.  Moreover, we've made the research available for free to non-Forrester clients (registration required).

In addition to Jennifer, there are other very smart people working at PodTech.  One that comes to mind is actually a former employee, Jeremiah Owyang, who is now a Forrester analyst.  Another is uber-blogger Robert Scoble, who took issue with some of the data in my research.  Let's recap:

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Brand Monitoring Vendor Product Catalog: Q1 2008 update

Hi - I've gotten some requests from vendors to be added to the brand monitoring product catalog.  If you'd like to be included, you can submit your information to us directly.  If you need to update your listing, let me know.  By the way - you can get a copy of the current VPC by registering as a guest on the site.

Currently the vendors listed include:

  • 1st2c
  • Biz360
  • BrandIntel
  • BuzzLogic
  • CIC
  • Collective Intellect
  • Converseon
  • CoreX Technologies
  • Crawdad Technologies
  • CustomScoop
  • Echo Research
  • Envisional
  • Factiva
  • Kaava
  • Market Sentinel
  • MotiveQuest
  • NameProtect
  • New Media Strategies
  • Nielsen Buzzmetrics
  • Onalytica
  • Radian6 Technologies
  • RelevantNoise
  • TNS Cymfony
  • Umbria
  • VeriSign
  • Visible Technologies
  • Waggener Edstrom Worldwide

We will aggregate submissions and update in Q1 2008.  Thanks!

Five questions for social computing strategy

  Can Paixano 
  Originally uploaded by Pete Kim.

I had "dinner" at Can Paixano last night - talk about being social!


During the day, there was a lot of talk about social computing initiatives and we tweeted quite a bit of it.  As I hear about different brands, industries, and technologies, some questions keep coming to mind:

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Forrester Consumer Marketing Forum EMEA is happening now!

For updates from the event:

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To participate:
- tag content with fcfemea07
- write on our facebook event wall
- comment here!

Barcelona Blogger Dinner - 15 November

Jeremiah and I will both be in Barcelona next week for Forrester's Consumer Forum EMEA.  There's a blogger dinner on Thursday night - if you're around please join us!

Consumer Forum 2007: Video Highlights

Charlene Li
Josh Bernoff
Video highlights from our Consumer Forum 2007 are now available:

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