What is Dell getting out of their agency consolidation?

After a very long flight, I’m in LA for Forrester’s Marketing Forum, which kicks off on Tuesday.  Where one of my very pleasurable ‘duties’ will be a Q&A of main stage speaker Casey Jones.  Casey Jones is VP of Global Marketing for Dell and mastermind of the recent consolidation of Dell’s agency business with WPP. 

Casey wants to set a new standard for integrated communications.  See his FM interview from before and after taking the Dell job. 

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What is the future of Agencies?

Mary Beth KempEarlier this year, Pete Kim and I published  “The Connected Agency”, which looked at the future of advertising agencies.  The idea was to get people talking…and that it did. 

Since the piece came out, I’ve hosted a couple of Agency breakfasts, both here in Paris and in London.  And have also been invited to exchange with some agency teams.  Every time, the conversation was lively, interesting. 

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Redefine your high value customers - add the social dimension.

Like my flights to and from Barcelona, this blog post is rather late...

On Friday morning, I spoke about the need for us to reconsider customers on a social level.  As marketers, we find ourselves relying more and more on consumers to impact others in their purchase decisions.  Evaluating customers based only on their business or financial value - such as my much-loved Life Time Value, or an operation's ROI - is *has been*. 

I called for marketers to integrate a second dimension - the social value - into their thinking.  What's social value?  I've simplified it into 3 components:

1) A customer's knowledge and involvement - in short, his level of expertise and interest in the category and brand. 

2)  How he participates, and the value of his connections - what social activities is he involved with (both on and offline) and where (on what networks is he active).  The value refers to the value of the connections themselves:  are the communities more tightly-knit or diffused, are they public or more intimite.

3) The number of contacts the customer has in each network. 

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