B2B Marketing Leaders

Connect Marketing To Revenue And Growth

Today’s B2B marketing leaders operate in a vastly different environment compared with just a few years ago. Heightened buyer expectations require new approaches and a truly buyer-first orientation. Meanwhile, the pressure to prove marketing’s value and revenue impact has intensified. Success in this climate requires bold, unwavering vision — and the agility to course-correct as conditions change.

Achieve Your Priorities

Developing a sound, long-term marketing strategy that aligns with corporate growth goals and translates them into actionable plans is no small feat — particularly in today’s rapidly changing environment. We know you’re facing many new dynamics and challenges while also being tasked with initiatives such as:

  • Transforming your marketing strategy
  • Aligning planning and investments to the business
  • Elevating the brand across the lifecycle
  • Designing campaigns that drive outcomes
  • Enhancing the B2B content engine
  • Communicating marketing’s value
  • Running a high-performing marketing organization

How Forrester Helps B2B Marketing Leaders

Through straightforward research and hands-on partnership with seasoned analysts, Forrester helps B2B marketing leaders advance and motivate their teams to create customer-led, cutting-edge marketing strategies that lead to measurable impact on growth and retention.

Drive marketing, sales, and product alignment.

Shift your organization’s focus toward a unified, audience-centric go-to-market strategy that delivers standout results.

Unite your team with a common language.

Adopt consistent frameworks, processes, and terminology across your team to communicate and advance your strategy.

Affirm marketing’s strategic value.

Garner trust and respect for the marketing function by demonstrating clear value and impact on the business.

Leading-Edge Insights, Guidance, And Tools

Gain access to research, resources, and expertise that help you anticipate what’s ahead, and make clearer, better-informed decisions.

Marketing Executive Services Research

Explore frameworks, tools, and insights aligned with marketing executive priorities. Tackle challenges, and uncover opportunities with guidance and advice from former marketing practitioners.

  • B2B Marketing Certification

    Align your team and validate their marketing expertise through our online microlearning program that blends SiriusDecisions research, analyst insights, and hands-on activities.

  • Forrester SiriusDecisions Summit

    Preview new best-practices research, discover the latest in marketing innovation, and network with peers at the premier annual gathering for B2B sales, marketing, and product leaders.

  • Business Technographics

    Access survey-based data on B2B buyer behavior via a curated digital experience. Our analytics experts help you translate this data into meaningful insights on your buyer needs and behaviors​.

Research Spotlight

Design Campaigns That Drive Outcomes

Many B2B organizations invest time and resources in misaligned marketing tactics that fail to drive meaningful impact. Learn how the SiriusDecisions Campaign Framework brings order and efficiency to campaign planning and execution, enabling you to coordinate tactics and resources to attract and engage audiences throughout the buyer journey and customer lifecycle.


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