EA In 2014: Strategist, Or Back To Basics?

Earlier this year, I published a blog and report outlining five predictions for EA practices in 2013 based on trends I analyzed in Forrester's annual state of EA survey. This year's state of EA survey is now accepting responses for 2014, for those who would like to participate. But I have a feeling this year's data will be less optimistic than last year's.

The data for 2013 showed an EA practice roaring to help their business set their business technology strategy, become more agile, and achieve their transformations successfully. And anecdotally, this is where our EA clients felt they were ready to go. Furthermore, their bosses were giving them full support, and the business was willing to give it a try. It all sounded perfect, and I was optimistic.

But I'm starting to see a disturbing trend in my calls and engagements. Yes -- EA went out there, did the job, engaged the business, got a project, drew some pictures, maybe made a proposal for enterprise investment. But many will not be coming back a second time to welcoming arms. And here's why:

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