Ninety-One Percent Of Brands Do Not Budget For Innovation — Why Marketing Leaders Must Change Culture to Avoid Disruption

I published a report based on a Q2 2013 survey that benchmarked marketing innovation culture and indicated that most marketers are still not investing enough to accelerate their innovation efforts. Only 11% indicated that they are currently setting aside budget specifically for marketing innovation programs. Budget is both an indicator of intent and lifeblood for these programs to succeed. Today, Advertising Age published an article based on this report — "Most Brands Aren't Budgeting For Innovation." Below is the article Forrester submitted to Advertising Age.  


Only 11% of marketers set aside a specific budget for marketing innovation efforts, and only 9% make marketing innovation a part of every marketer’s budget, according to a recent study of 45 marketing leaders. What’s more is that 95% of these marketers agreed, mostly agreed, or partially agreed that they are achieving positive ROI from their innovation programs. Why the difference? Mastering marketing innovation is getting harder and harder due to the ever-changing customer landscape caused by digital disruption, perpetually connected customers, and shifting customer expectations.

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