Google Glass: What Marketers Should Know

A longer version of this post originally appeared on AllThingsD. Forrester clients can access the full report and the data it’s based on here.

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The App Wars Come To Wearables -- Consumers Will Be The Winners

Ever since Apple launched its App Store in 2008, platforms have waged war on each other to attract the most app developers. In smartphones, iPhone and Android have pulled far ahead while competing platforms like Windows Phone and BlackBerry have lagged behind. On tablets, iPad beats any other competitor by hundreds of thousands of apps. But now, the app wars are battling on a new front: Wearables.

Wearables were one of the hottest topics at last week’s D:11 conference -- but as The Wall Street Journal noted in its coverage of the event, attendees’ enthusiasm for wearables’ potential seemed out of sync with the limited use of the devices today. I agree with that assessment: Wearables do have enormous potential, but they are niche products today, mostly single-purpose devices focused on health and fitness.

Wearables Have Potential, But Limited Penetration

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