Where To Find The Tech Marketing Analysts


This is our final post to the Tech Marketing (TM) role blog, but we are not going away! We have consolidated the number of professional roles you can choose as your home page at Forrester.com, but we have not reduced the scope of challenges we can help you solve to be successful in your job. Posts from analysts whose research you find valuable will still appear on their individual blogs, as well as the role blogs with which their ongoing work is now associated.

The analysts who were aligned to the Tech Marketing role are now aligned to one of two other roles.

Sales Enablement: At Forrester, we work with leaders taking action across marketing, sales, channel, and other functions to orchestrate a higher return on the spending and activity that their companies invest in growing B2B revenues. To them, Sales Enablement (SE) means both revenue enablement and salesperson enablement. Given the broad scope of our clients’ professional challenges, current Tech Marketing analysts Lori Wizdo, Peter O’Neill, Tim Harmon, and Jon Silber have joined the SE role team because their research and advice about optimizing your investments in leads and the end-to-end lead management process and optimizing channel and partner routes to market all maps to the SE Role definition and scope. You will find their posts, both past and future, at the SE role blog.  

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