Culture Is Key To Marketing Innovation Velocity

Today, we published my first Forrester Research report on marketing innovation, "Culture Is Key To Marketing Innovation Velocity" (client access required). This is the first report in a series I will be writing on marketing innovation culture, innovation labs, and partnering to accelerate marketing innovation velocity.

Marketing innovation in the age of digital disruption, perpetually connected customers, and the customer life cycle is hard and getting harder. What separates the marketers who are leading their organizations to accelerate marketing innovation velocity is the organizational culture they have created. This report discusses the four marketing innovation cultures including: risk-averse, pragmatist, experimenters, and customer-obsessed. We also align the cultures based on whether they are internally or externally oriented or highly focused or highly flexible. For example, a customer-obsessed culture is more flexible and externally oriented in how it innovates and markets to its customers.  Here is the marketing innovation cultures matrix:


  marketing innovation

The report also discusses four case studies including Nestlé, 7-Eleven, Skinnygirl Cocktails, and Chick-fil-A.

  • The Nestlé case study discusses how its Digital Acceleration Team lab is helping it change the culture of a 300,000-person organization.
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