Facing The Challenges Of Digital Disruption

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The only source of competitive advantage is the one that can survive technology-fueled digital disruption — an obsession with understanding, connecting with, and serving customers. Forrester’s recent research, summarized in our CRM playbook, spotlights the six key challenges you must navigate in 2013.

Trend 1: Digital Disruption Roils Industry After Industry

Thanks to digital platforms, your customers live in a world of heightened expectations and abundant options; they can get more of what they want, in more places, at more times, than ever before.  A new breed of competitors is on the scene that uses digital tools and platforms to get closer to customers and engage with them in deeper and novel ways. Digital disruptors threaten to make your organization irrelevant by delivering a more compelling product and service experience than you can and at a lower cost.

Trend 2: Companies Transform To Become Experience-Driven Organizations

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