Avoid The Social Media Binary

Many organizations today get caught up in what I call the “social media binary, where there are only two options to social media control: 1) Allow unrestricted access to social networks, and potentially expose the company to myriad security, regulatory, reputational, and other risks, or 2) set and enforce policy that completely forbids the use of social media while at work, and forgo potentially lucrative business opportunities for the firm.

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RSA 2013: The Age Of Security Commercialism


Contributing analysts to this blog: Stephanie Balaouras, Ed Ferrara, Rick Holland, Eve Maler, Chris McClean, Heidi Shey, Chenxi Wang. Photo credit: SC magazine. 

Walking on the RSA 2013 show floor, it was a chaotic, noisy, and energetic place, pulsing with excitement. The industry has reasons to celebrate; the security space is white hot, with more VC money pouring into the space than ever before; Obama’s recent executive order placed cybersecurity front and center. RSA this year was bigger, louder, and more bullish than ever, with more than 360 vendors exhibiting, 24,000 attendees, and 394 talk sessions.  

The week heading to the conference was interesting to say the least; with Java 0-days wreaking havoc on the Internet and the Mandiant report taking every major newspaper headline, RSA could not have had a better set-up.  

After the dust (and the smoke) settled, we, the Forrester security team, came away with these impressions and takeaways:

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Is Your Security Program Ready To Support Disruptive Business Trends?


The evolution of business practices is proving as big of an issue for Security and Risk professionals as the changing threat landscape. Sure, attackers exposed hundreds of millions of personal records and government information in security breaches last year, and there are examples all the time of new, sophisticated attack methods… however Security and Risk pros should also be on the lookout for technology trends that may prove just as difficult to address: Digital disruption creating shockingly more competitive marketplaces, perpetual connectivity intensifying IT user expectations, and the data economy creating incredible new possibilities to leverage the power of existing information. Of course with big business opportunities come big business risks.

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