Marketing Mondays: December 17th, 2012


Hello Fellow B2B Marketers, welcome to the first entry of Marketing Mondays, a weekly blog post highlighting our ongoing research focused on B2B revenue acceleration, as well as an exclusive look into what outputs you can expect in the coming weeks. Kick off your week here every Monday to get a burst of support for your professional success.

The last days of December are busy ones for us here at Forrester. We are not only producing about a dozen reports before the new year and hosting a number of webinars, we are also planning a burst of fresh content to help you thrive in the new year. Our B2B Marketing Tactics and Benchmarks survey, which is recently back from the field, will act as the foundation for much of our first quarter 2013 content. Lori Wizdo provides a general introduction to the findings in her webinar 2013 B2B Marketing Mix Planning Guidance, and over the next couple weeks check back for Peter O'Neill’s analysis of content marketing in the report “B2B Marketers Prefer To Create Their Own Content And Mostly For Lead Nurturing” and Zachary Reiss-Davis’ report on Event Marketing Swag.

Graphic of the Week:  A Results Chain Approach Pinpoints The Key Actions That Drive L2RM Outcomes

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