Sale Enablement Forum 2013: March 4-5th Scottsdale AZ

We are all facing some stiff and common head winds to achieving our companies' revenue goals in 2013.  Not the least of which is that the economy has reset itself into a "do-more-with-less" state. At the Forrester Forum in March, our growing community of sales enablement leaders and teams will tackle head on the core challenges to revenue acceleration including:

  • How do we overcome repeated cross-selling disappointments?
  • Our funnel fallout is out of control, how do we increase the odds of some new business actually closing?
  • Channel disruption is on the rise, what is our path to greater loyalty? 
  • Our market research is overwhelming in volume, how do we tease out the buyer insight sales people can use?
  • Our collateral is grossly underused in the field, how do we redesign something more useful?
  • Our sales force is so uneven in its performance, how do we develop our folks to be more consistently effective?
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Tech Marketing Mondays (or close enough): December 26th, 2012


Hello Fellow B2B Marketers, Marketing Monday (or a bit later on a holiday week) is a regular blog post highlighting our ongoing research focused on B2B revenue acceleration, as well as an exclusive look into what outputs you can expect soon. Kick off your week here to get a burst of support for your professional success.

Tis’ the season to look back on where you excelled during 2012, and forward to some things in your business to improve upon in the New Year. Whether you want to place a renewed focus on yourcustomer experience, you want to draw inspiration from some of the leaders in social strategy, or you are a B2B marketing professional focused on driving revenue (that should apply to all of our readers), Forrester has you covered. And because your competitors and your customers are more informed than ever, we aim to give you the leg up you will need to make 2013 a banner year for your company.

Graphic of the Week: Customer Experience Management (CXM) Solutions Will Emerge From The Convergence Of Many Solution Categories


August 10, 2011 “The Emergence Of Customer Experience Management Solutions” Forrester report.

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