The Mobile War

CEOs should be aware of an approaching tech war — because its outcome is going to change their customers. 

As the Web becomes the AM radio of digital, the mobile App Internet will rise. This market will be dominated by two or three ecosystems — semi-closed worlds built on a closely fitting set of apps, phones, tablets, computers, operating systems, and partners. An ecosystem owner will possess extraordinary market power — able to dictate terms to content providers, customers, and application developers. It doesn't matter what you sell — insurance, pills, cars, energy, bonds — you'll be reaching many of your customers through these ecosystems in the future.

Who wins? Apple leads — many already happily live in the iOS ecosystem. While the company's footprint evolved haphazardly (whoever thought iTunes would become a trillion dollar commerce hub?), Apple's current level of integration makes it the gold standard.

Google is busily copying the Apple playbook with the Android ecosystem. That's why Google bought Motorola.

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