Agility At Scale Requires Both Discipline And Creativity

A common question we analysts hear from our clients is, "How do we scale our Agile efforts?" Now, let's be clear: the question is not how to get Agile to work in a large project. Sure, there are challenges in making Agile work within big teams, but there's a much bigger concern. Organizations invest in Agile, or allow Agile experiments to blossom, and then try to capture the Agile magic in a bottle and mass produce it across the organization. 

That's an entirely different challenge, with ambitions and uncertainties that are both Texas-sized. (I'm in Dallas, so I'll use Texas metaphors. So shoot me. Wait, no, I take that back.) The uncertainties have many faces, including (but in no way limited to) issues like:

  • How many projects or products should employ an Agile approach?
  • Can we expect our outsourcing partners to use Agile as widely as we do?
  • Do we need a common tools strategy to support Agile?
  • How much diversity of Agile approaches within teams is a good thing, and how much is counter-productive?
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