What I Learned About Telecom Pain At Forrester’s SVM Forum

I recently had several one-on-one meetings with SVM professionals at two Forrester SVM forums — in Vegas late May and Paris mid-June.

One major pain point was mentioned by a number of our clients: Why are those so-called global service providers so bad at working with local PTTs to get circuits upgraded? And what can we do about it?

This question has never gone entirely away during my 15 years at Forrester working with IT/SVM professionals. However, during the past 18 months, it's being raised regularly, and irrespective of who the client's global telecom provider happens to be, including all of the big four (AT&T, BT, Orange, Verizon). Additionally, this is unlikely to change as the larger operators increasingly automate their customer service and managed-WAN monitoring and ticketing systems and also try to impose them on foreign operators. It should be possible, however, to improve predictability about change management timelines and new service lead times by working either via your firm's local IT and SVM team or, alternatively, with a local telecom agent third-party contracted to work with local exchange carriers in an important market for your business.

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