Assessing Mobile Engagement Maturity: Is It A Useful Exercise?

As I mentioned in my last blog post, Ted Schadler and I are working on mobile strategy research for Forrester's CIO clients, and Ted's recent report Mobile Is The New Face of Engagement is the foundation for much of our research effort this year. One area that we are currently exploring for a new report is mobile engagement maturity, an assessment framework that will help our clients develop a strategy over time that leverages their strengths and addresses their weaknesses to continuously improve.

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A Trip Down Mobile Memory Lane Circa 2001

After 7 years of management -- first running Forrester's Infrastructure & Operations team, then Security & Risk, and finally the CIO Group Leadership Board -- I decided it was time to move back onto the front lines and joins the Analyst ranks again. I am now fortunate to be working closely with Ted Schadler, co-author of Empowered and countless other pieces of great research over the years, on enterprise mobile strategy for our CIO clients. If you haven't read the latest research by Ted and John McCarthy, Mobile Is The New Face Of Engagement, you should. This report will form the foundation of a lot of our CIO mobile research this year. Focusing on mobility research really takes me back to my Analyst roots in the early 2000s. After reading the mobile engagement report, I recalled a piece of research that Frank Gillett and I wrote back in February of 2001 called "Net App Platforms Emerge" (by the way, you'll need to email me at for a PDF copy if you are interested).

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Software Is Your Business - Forrsights Survey Data To Help Bust "No Software" And "Software Development's Not Important" Myths

Just over 3 months ago, I made note of three things I'd tell your CIO, all of which focused on your need to build a software development competency to help your firm thrive in this age of software-fueled, consumer-led disruption. Since then, we've heard from a number of clients stating that they're having a tough time convincing their executives, from COOs and CFOs through to CIOs, that they need to stop looking at software and app development as a commodity. 

Vendors you work with aren't helping. System integrators and consultancies continue to tell your CFO and CEO to outsource your software development work to them, that they can deliver more quickly, and more cheaply, than you can. Software application vendors build their marketing around needing no customization, even "no software." This helps fuel the perception and myths many executives hold that software development, especially app dev, is a commodity.

Recent research published by Phil Murphy and survey data we recently collected in our Forrsights Software Survey, Q4 2011 can help you bust those perceptions and myths and help you show your executives the importance of software development. 

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