Are You Ready For China's Outsourcing Market?

Dear Forrester Community,

I would like to take couple of minutes to introduce myself and the research topics I’m working on. I came to Forrester through the acquisition of Springboard Research and specialize in helping Vendor Strategy Professionals understand trends in IT services and outsourcing in Greater China.

With my latest research paper, “Driving Outsourcing Success In China,” I want to help vendors raise awareness on the Chinese outsourcing market, which will grow at 17% CAGR over the next five years. Nonetheless, entering this lucrative market will pose several challenges for international newcomers. In my research, vendor strategists will find insights about:

  • Growth opportunities.
  • Introduction to the market dynamics with drivers and inhibitors.
  • Possible go-to-market approaches for outside vendors entering into China's IT services market.

I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to share your own experiences and ideas with me. Are there other questions that you would like me to address in my upcoming research?


Gene Cao, Senior Analyst

Enabling Rapid, Global Business Expansion Through SVM: A Conversation With Jim Nanton, Senior VP & CIO, Hanesbrands

Following a successful event in Miami, I am now looking forward to Forrester’s Sourcing & Vendor Management (SVM) Forum EMEA in the UK next week (Herts, Nov 30-Dec 1). An invaluable component of our forums are always the industry expert presentations, and so I’m excited to be joined on stage on day one by Maureen McKinney, Director, Strategic Partner Management, Nike. Maureen will be speaking about how to drive more value from vendor relationships and deliver real value to the business. Ian Dalby, Director Of ICT, UK Ministry Of Justice, will address how different IT and SVM organizations are responding to SVM’s challenges related to connecting demand and supply capabilities within an organization. On day two, Olivier Lefaivre, Head of IT Sourcing and Vendor Management, AXA Group Information Systems, will explain how IT Sourcing and Vendor Management accelerated business transformation at AXA. Our second industry speaker on day two is Jim Nanton, Senior Vice President & CIO, Hanesbrands.

In preparation for the EMEA Forum, I spoke to Jim who, in his role of SVP/CIO at global apparel company Hanesbrands, is faced with a unique set of challenges, risks, and opportunities involved in deploying managed and contract services across multiple countries and cultures. Jim told me about how he believes that vendor management is a core competence in a "plan, build, run" organizational structure, and underlines the importance of selecting the right partners and the practices for managing effective relationships.

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Why Does Mobility Need To Be Prioritized In Your IT Planning?


There are four main business and market drivers pushing IT to put – and keep - mobility front and center in their 2012 planning.

Enterprise mobility will dominate IP priorities in 2012. Moreover, this trend will continue during at least the next three years. Some of the big drivers for prioritizing mobility that we’ve identified during 2011 include:

1)      Users are demanding improved mobility support: This includes supporting more personal mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), expanding use of mobile apps both inside and outside the office, and supporting new mobile operating systems, especially Android and Apple iOS in addition to BlackBerry.  

2)      The business is finding ways to deploy apps they want without you: IT needs a strategy for prioritizing mobile apps development and deployment. The business also needs updated guidance about who pays for smartphones and tablets, and the associated mobile services, endpoint security, and appropriate use of personal devices.

3)      Customers are voracious about multichannel access to your content: Mobility will be key in social computing initiatives to drive deeper customer engagement. Customers (and suppliers) will love you for giving them great mobile apps like a product catalog, maintenance schedules, or project calendars accessible using their Internet-connected mobile device (smartphone, tablet).

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Turning Your Suppliers Into "Trusted Advisors": A Conversation With Gary Wimberly, Sr. VP and CIO, Express Scripts

If you're with us here in Miami, you spent day one of Forrester's Sourcing & Vendor Management (SVM) Forum hearing about the business value SVM can deliver to the business. Stephanie Moore provided a blueprint for the SVM organization of the future — and the skill set needed for it — and Kerry Bodine told us that SVM is vital to the customer experience. Toward the end of the day, Navi Radjou urged you to partner with your suppliers and vendors to innovate. That's the thread we'll continue to explore today.

SVM can provide strategic value to your business. When I first spoke with Gary Wimberly, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Express Scripts, what struck me was his attitude toward suppliers, one that permeates through his organization. Gary believes in creating a true partnership with suppliers and developing them as “trusted advisors.”

I had a chance to catch up with Gary before the event, and he provided a preview of his keynote:

Paul Warren: Express Scripts has experienced significant growth in the past decade.  How has  Express Scripts balanced IT priorities?

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