Verint + Vovici: Another Example Of Market Consolidation In The Contact Center Space

Contact centers for customer service are a nightmare in terms of the complexity of the technologies. At a high level, to serve your customers, you need to:

  1. Capture the inquiry, which can come in over the phone, electronically via email, chat, or SMS, and over social channels, like Twitter, Facebook, or an interaction escalated from a discussion forum.
  2. Route the inquiry to the right customer agent pool to address it.
  3. Create a case for the inquiry that contains its details and associate it with the customer record.
  4. Find the answer to the inquiry; this can involve digging through different information sources like knowledge bases, billing systems, and ordering databases.
  5. Communicate the answer to the inquiry to the customer.
  6. Append case notes to the case summarizing its resolution, and close the case.

You want to make sure that your agents deliver answers in a consistent way and to make it easy for your customers to find answers themselves. To do this, you need to invest in:

  • A knowledge base for your agents. You also need to then expose a subset of the content to your customers via a web self-service portal.
  • A discussion forum where your customers can share information and escalate issues to a customer service agent.
  • Some type of process guidance to lead agents through complicated scripts so that they deliver service in a reproducible way.

You also need to understand what expectations your customer base has regarding your service offering by:

  • Surveying your customers
  • Listening to their sentiments on social media sites
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Call Center Customer Experience Transformation At American Express — And THAT'S The Way It’s Done

Last year we published not just one but two reports that featured the outstanding customer experience transformation process that took place in the American Express call centers. The first report described the winning entry submitted by American Express for a 2010 Voice Of The Customer Award — the data from that VoC program drove many of their call center improvements.  The second report was a profile of the transformation itself based on a talk by Reena Panikar, vice president and business leader of American Express' Customer Service Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We were so impressed by this story that we invited Jim Bush, executive vice president of world service at American Express to speak at Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum 2011.

Jim is responsible for leading the company’s global customer servicing operation — which includes 25 proprietary locations across the globe and a team of tens of thousands of customer care professionals who provide service to more than 63 million customers. He was the driving force behind the American Express call center transformation.

Listen in as Jim describes how it all went down.

What Is The Contact Center Cost Of Login Issues?

The cost of login issues can be staggering.

According to research released by Janrain, a vendor providing user management solutions for the social Web, 45% of US adults admit to leaving a website instead of resetting their passwords or answering security questions when they have forgotten their passwords.

Failed logins also can have a huge impact on contact center costs. I’ve spoken with eBusiness executives who have told me that login issues represent as much as 50% of their contact center volume.

I’m working on a project and trying to get some deeper knowledge into the impact customers or clients telephoning due to login difficulties (i.e., lost password, user name, etc.) have on contact center costs.

And I’m hoping you might be able to help me.

I’d be grateful for insight into:

  • The number of telephone calls your call center receives (weekly, monthly, annually, or whatever time frame you break it into).
  • The percentage of contacts to your call center that are due to log-in difficulties.
  • The cost per contact for login difficulties.
  • Alternatively, perhaps you could provide the annual cost -- or approximate cost -- of assisting clients or customers who are having trouble logging in.
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