It's The Network! AT&T Marks Their Territory

During the recent AT&T Analyst Conference, we analysts were all treated to 2 great shows - a tour of Yankee Stadium’s ICT systems (followed by an opportunity to watch the Yankees beat the Royals) and Kevin Peter’s annual spectacle of spherical geodesic references to make sure we all got one thing straight - AT&T’s network delivers value. 

Following last year’s event, I referred to the clear presence of AT&T Labs innovations ( delivering value to customers. Keith Cambron, President and CEO of AT&T Labs, focused more this year on the importance, value, and urgency of the IPV6 transition, before Kevin delivered another rousing speech declaring “IT’S THE NETWORK!” more frequently and more emphatically as he went. While Kevin’s presentation was all style, he is a serious technology executive having received a master's degree in Information and Technology Management from the Stevens Institute of Technology. Kevin’s stump speech was followed by technical topics and serious presentation styles that illuminated his points. 

John Donovan, AT&T’s CTO, settled the audience down describing AT&T plans to deliver solutions using

  • AT&T’s Network as a ubiquitous, reliable, intelligent platform.
  • AT&T’s Cloud featuring multitenant, location aware, interoperable services.
  • AT&T’s Software meeting business and industry demands for value.
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