Office Productivity Alternatives: Low Adoption Numbers Don’t Tell The Full Story

My colleague Phil Karcher completed some nice research into the state of Microsoft Office alternatives recently. I'll share a couple of the highlights here.

Competitors to Microsoft Office receive plenty of attention in the blogosphere these days. Whether it’s Google announcing a new mobile or social feature in Docs, Zoho a new API partner, or the recent buzz around the future of Open Office without Oracle -- it’s natural to wonder how much traction these applications are getting with corporate IT.
Open Office has a global presence, although predominantly in government and education. Google Apps for Business has a growing list of customers, although many are using Gmail, not Docs. Overall, alternatives’ take of the office productivity pie — particularly in large enterprises — is still very small.

 Yet, we hear from many organizations considering or piloting them. In fact over a third of respondents to our March survey of IT decision-makers with influence over the productivity tool kit claim to be “actively looking at” or “piloting” alternatives. So why does adoption remain so paltry?

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