When It Comes To Dev Tool Choices, You're Not Smarter Than A Farmer

Colleague Mike Gualtieri, king of the sharp (and often sharp-edged) question, started a thread in the Forrester Application Development & Delivery Community about the role politics plays in technology adoption. "We love to pretend that we make rational technology decisions," Mike says. "But, the truth is that politics is a hidden criteria that is used to make many technology decisions."

He's absolutely right. Adoption is often unrelated to the potential value of technology or the intensity of a person's need for it. An entire branch of social science started because farmers wouldn't always adopt better-producing seeds and people living in areas at high risk of an epidemic wouldn't take the medicine needed to prevent infection. Many doctors don't like electronic medical records because they're used to pen and paper. This sort of resistance can arise from a variety of sources, many of which are not strictly "political" in the way we commonly use that word.

While that might be an easy principle to accept, here's a corollary that's much harder one to swallow: Nobody is immune. If you think you're somehow smarter about technology decisions than a farmer, think again. 

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