Use CORE To Adapt Your Marketing Organization For The Next Digital Decade

We’re just weeks away from Forrester’s Marketing Forum 2011 in San Francisco, and the whole Forrester organization is gearing up for a productive, insight-filled, (dare I say, “fun”?!?) event.

For my part, I’m excited to be leading the charge on the Interactive Marketers’ track, where we’ll dig deeper into the key concepts of CORE (Adapting Your Marketing Organization for the Next Digital Decade), a brand new piece of research that my colleagues Emily Riley and Chris Stutzman will unveil in their keynote presentation on April 5th.

To bring CORE to life for Interactive Marketing professionals, we’re devoting each of our four track sessions to the four pillars of CORE:

  • Customize marketing experiences: Nate Elliot will dig into ways in which marketers can strategically leverage interactive tools to tailor a brand for multiple audiences. Nate will address questions such as:
    • How tailored can — and should — online brand advertising be, and how can marketers identify the best audiences to target in this way?
    • Which marketers and vendors are leading the way in customized online branding — and what can the industry learn from them?
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