How Enterprise Feedback Management Can Help Market Insights Professionals Manage Data And Information Overload

Companies are in a unique position today, as they have an unprecedented ability to collect information about consumers through various channels and thus create rich and deep profiles of their target customers. However, what is considered a goldmine of information has actually highlighted many pain points, including: 

  • Consumers are being bombarded with multiple surveys across different channels by different departments. As a result, consumers feel more and more that they are being badgered for information about themselves.
  • A siloed department structure creates little incentive to collaborate across departments. Thus, repetition of similar projects by different departments occurs, contradictory results can be communicated internally, and learning based on a department’s successes and failures from past projects is not communicated across departments.
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Want Free Data About Customer Experience Strategy And Voice Of The Customer? Got A Few Minutes?

Here at Forrester, we run quarterly surveys to find out what customer experience professionals are doing in various areas. This quarter, we’re focusing on customer experience strategy and voice of the customer (VoC) programs.

  • Do you have an understanding of your company’s customer experience strategy (or lack thereof) and how it's applied?
  • Do you know about your company’s VoC program (or lack thereof) and what it entails?

If so, please take a few minutes (up to approximately 10) to complete Forrester’s Q1 2011 Global Customer Experience Peer Research Panel Survey.

The survey closes March 9th. After that date, we’ll analyze the data and send you a free copy of the aggregate responses to each question even if you’re not a Forrester client!

Thanks for helping to fuel our research!

If you can’t participate this time around but wish to participate in the future, please join our Customer Experience Peer Research Panel —  just remember to select “customer experience” in the enrollment form. If you do take the Q1 2011 survey, you can sign up for the panel directly at the end of the questionnaire. No need to duplicate efforts.

ESOMAR Shopper Insights Conference: Innovative Methodologies Can Improve Internal Communication

Yesterday I attended the first day of the ESOMAR Shopper Insights Conference 2011 in Brussels, and I was pleasantly surprised by the innovative thinking by the presenters, both in the methodologies used and in the way they look at the Market Insights profession.

There were a number of presentations on innovative methodologies, such as eye-tracking. All of them had cool videos to share and gave insights into how these methodologies can be used to better understand shopper behaviors. The presentation that really stuck with me, however, was from Stephanie Grootenhuis, from Kraft Foods International, who talked about the “Incite to Action” initiative.

She came on stage, and said: "All the presentations until now have talked about understanding shoppers better and the difficulties you encounter when doing (global) research. But to be honest, that's not my biggest challenge. What my team struggles with is HOW to share our knowledge and communicate our findings effectively into the organization." 

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